Is there any illness or symptom that has not been blamed on wind turbines?

This page gives a list of diseases, symptoms and aberrant behaviours in humans and animals said to be caused by wind turbines.

The data that this page is based on was collected by Teresa Simonetti, Sydney Medical School and Prof Simon Chapman, School of Public Health, University of Sydney.

The source of the information on this page, now listing up to 247 items, can be downloaded here

222 diseases and symptoms.

This page was last edited on 2021/12/23
Contact: David K. Clarke – ©

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First Dog On The Moon's self diagnosis Windfarm syndrome check list.
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  1. Accelerated ageing "My wife and I have aged over five years in the past two years" Source

  2. Aggression in children Source

  3. "Air quality damage": "... the proposed wind farm would ruin the pristine beauty of the area, damage air quality and increase noise levels." Source

  4. Allergies Source

  5. Anaemia Source

  6. Anger: Source

  7. Angina Pectoris Source

  8. Anxiety Source

  9. Atherosclerosis Source

  10. Asbergers syndrome worsens Source

  11. Asthma, exacerbation of Source

  12. Arthritis exacerbated Source

  13. Autism worsens Source

  14. "Aversive learning" Source

  15. Balance disturbance (falling off horses): "She has been exposed to operating turbines there for a couple of years, she now can't even train her horses because her balance is so bad and she just falls off." Source

  16. Bats lungs, exploding Source

  17. Bleeding ears Source

  18. Blood loss Source

  19. Blurred vision Source

  20. Bowel cancer Source

  21. Bowels,"loss of" Source

  22. Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (decreased) Source

  23. "Brain pathology" Source

  24. Brain tumours Source

    Wind in the Bush
    Wind health
  25. Breast pain: Source

  26. Bruxism (teeth grinding) Source

  27. Cancer Source

  28. Cardiovascular disease Source

  29. Cardiac arrhythmias Source

  30. Cardiac valve surgery, risk of "with all the risks entailed. The alternative is early death from cardiac failure." Source

  31. Cataracts Source

  32. Chemtrails ("We are being attacked from the sky with Chemtrails and from the ground with Wind Turbines." Source

  33. Cattle, spontaneous abortions (caused by "stray or tingle voltage") Source

  34. Cattle: reduced calving percentages Source

  35. Cattle: decreased weight gain Source

  36. Cats producing small, unhealthy litters or dying (caused by "stray or tingle voltage") Source

  37. Chest pain Source

  38. Chest pain "like needles" Source

  39. Chest, heaviness in Source

    Nichols six legged chicken!
    Six-legged chicken
    Is it any wonder? Nichols Poultry has a 225kW wind turbine! They probably have yolkless eggs too.
  40. Chickens hatching with crossed beaks Source

  41. Chickens: stop laying eggs Source

  42. Chickens: eggs "most had NO yolk and the shells were like jelly"
    Source 1
    Source 2
    Editor: Somebody has forgotten to warn this Tasmanian poultry farmer about this problem – he has a windturbine on his land!! Source 3

  43. Childhood behavioural problems Source

  44. Children's "cardiovascular systems" affected Source

  45. Cold sores (herpes) Source

  46. Colon cancer Source

  47. Concentration, difficulties maintaining Source

  48. Confusion Source

  49. Cows (dairy) shocked through milking machines (because of "stray or tingle voltage") Source

  50. "cows are dying" going down, pretty much lifeless ... 19 died or had to be put down, I lost 30 calves so far." Source

  51. Crickets disappear Source

  52. Crying Source

  53. Dental infections: Source

    Wind in the Bush
    Wind health
  54. Depression Source

  55. Deaths, yes, many deaths "These extensive studies report numerous serious illnesses and, yes, many deaths, mainly from unusual cancers. Source

  56. Diabetes Source

  57. Diabetes, blood glucose increases Source

  58. Diabetes type 1 Source

  59. Diarrhoea Source

  60. Disrupted relationships Source

  61. Dizziness Source

  62. Dogs: ignoring owners, climbing between couch pillows, wall-staring "When they did venture outside, they wouldn't listen when you called; they just kept wandering on and on. The other weird thing we noticed is that one of his dogs would try to squeeze itself between the lounge cushions to sleep, and the other dog would climb under the bed in the corner. Or they would sit for hours, staring at the wall." Source

  63. Dogs: loss of muscle tone, paws over ears, gnawing on pebbles then death. "Also our pet dog went from a vibrant healthy dog to dying in a short amount of time she started losing muscle tone lying in front of heater with paws over ears and gnawing on pebbles" Source

  64. Dogs refusing to work: "Recently, Hamilton Vetcare has had to examine dogs, normally active and keen to work, that have become sullen and reluctant to leave their kennel after nearby windfarms became active. Farmers report working dogs once highly motivated and responsive, becoming disinterested and refusing to work, especially when winds are coming from the direction of the windfarm." Source

  65. Dreams, violent and disturbing Source

  66. Drinking problems (alcohol) Source

  67. Dry retching Source

  68. Earthworms leave the soil near wind turbines "seagulls no longer follow the plough in areas near wind turbines. It has been suggested that the seagulls have learned that the worms have all been driven away and that in that area the farmer's plough will not bring breakfast to the surface. They must go elsewhere for their food." Suggestion is this effect might be as wide as 18km radius from a turbine Source

  69. Ear pain Source

  70. Ears, buzzing in Source

  71. Ears, popping Source

  72. Epilepsy (developing late in life) Source

  73. Exacerbations of chronic disease (e.g. fibromyalgia, scleroderma, diabetes, hyperthyroidism) Source

  74. Excess collagen Source

  75. Exhaustion Source

    Wind in the Bush
    Wind health
  76. Eye pain Source

  77. Eyes, burst blood vessels Source

  78. Eyes, sunken Source

  79. Eyes, "like you have sand in them" Source

  80. Eye discharge, eye irritability Source

  81. Fatigue, extreme Source

  82. Falls and equilibrium problems Source

  83. Feet, sores "that would not heal until you moved out of your home" Source

  84. Fever Source

  85. Fibromyalgia, exacerbation of Source

  86. Gastrointestinal upsets & indigestion Source

  87. Glasses, need to change prescription after not having needed change for 2 years Source

  88. Goats, unexplained mass deaths "In New Zealand, 400 goats dropped dead." Source

  89. Hair, loss of and turning grey Source

  90. Headache Source

  91. Hearing loss Source

  92. Heart attacks (including Tako Tsubo episodes) Source

  93. Heartbeat, fluttering Source

  94. Hemorrhaging around heart (death) in cattle, caused by "stray voltage" Source

  95. Hippocampus (decreased size of) Source

  96. "Hips vibrating (fairly frequently)" Transcript of talk by Sarah Laurie "No Sunbury Windfarm" 23 Nov 2010

  97. Horses "exhibiting behavior and handling issues" (because of "stray or tingling voltage") Source

  98. Horses develop "boxy" or club feet Source (at 1hr 15m45s)

  99. Heart palpitrations (sic) Source

  100. "Heightened emotions" Source

  101. Hyperacusis Source

  102. Hypersensitivity to noise Source

  103. Hypertension – acute crises; new onset Source

  104. Hyperthryoidism Source

  105. Illusory movement Source

  106. Immune deficiency diseases, major increase in: Source

  107. Inability to conceive Source

  108. Inflammatory bowel disease: Source

  109. Internal pulsation or quivering Source

  110. Irritability and "general grumpiness" Transcript of talk by Sarah Laurie "No Sunbury Windfarm" 23 Nov 2010

  111. Itching Source

    Wind in the Bush
    Wind health
  112. Joint and muscle pain Source

  113. Kidney damage Source

  114. Laboured breathing and a pounding chest Source

  115. Learning ability, memory, language development in children Source

  116. Leukaemia (paediatric): Source

  117. Lighting, sensitivity to high-frequency lighting at local stores Source

  118. Loss of energy Source

  119. Lung cancer Source

  120. Lung ciliary factor disturbance Source

  121. Lupus, exacerbation of Source

  122. Lymphoma (paediatric) Source

  123. Lymph nodes (problems with) Source

  124. Malformations in chickens, cattle – no eyeballs or tails, cows holding pregnancy only 1 to 2 weeks and then aborting, blood from nostrils, black and white hair coats turning brown, mastitis, kidney and liver failure Source

  125. Memory loss (irreversible) Source

  126. Memory loss (short term) Source

  127. Meniere's disease Source

  128. Mental arithmetic, specific problems with (observed in adults as well) Source

  129. Migraine headache Source

  130. Motion sickness. Transcript of talk by Sarah Laurie "No Sunbury Windfarm" 23 Nov 2010

  131. Mouth ulcers Source

  132. Multiple menstrual periods (4-5) per month Source

  133. Muscle tone (loss of) Source

  134. Muscle twitches Source

  135. Multiple sclerosis Source

  136. Motion sickness Source

  137. Nausea Source

  138. Nerve pain & tingling Source

  139. Nerve problems Source

  140. Nerves, twitching (between upper lip and nose) Source

  141. Night terrors "2?5 times per night in young children" Source

  142. Nosebleeds Source

  143. Nose ulcers (won't heal) Source

  144. "Nonconvulsive mental defects" Source

  145. Non-Hodgkins lymphoma Source

  146. Oppositional cranky behavior "a completely different kid for a few months" Source

  147. Pain "pain in and around the eyes, pain on top of the head, pain in the back of the head, behind the ears and early this year, we started to get throbbing pain at the back of the head" Source

    Wind in the Bush
    Wind health
  148. Palpitations Source

  149. Panic, need to flee Source

  150. Paralysis Source

  151. Peacocks: relationship problems: "my peahen refused to remain with the peacock." Source

  152. Perforated eardrum Source

  153. Pericardial thickening Source

  154. Personality change: Source

  155. Pets: losing hair (but not when away from the home) Source

  156. Pets, sore ears (but not when away from the home) Source

  157. Piglets: higher mortality rates (because of "stray or tingle voltage") Source

  158. Poor appetite Source

  159. Poor concentration and memory Source

  160. Poor wound healing Source

  161. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, worsening of ("I witnessed his decline, with his worsening irritability, anger, drinking, and severe depression, and he again became difficult to live with." Source

  162. Prayer, problems with in monks Source

  163. "Pseudo-mania" Source

  164. Psychological stress (at not having symptoms attributed to wind turbines acknowledged) Source

  165. Rage attacks Source

  166. Reading difficulties Source

  167. scleroderma, exacerbations of Source

  168. Scratching (frantic) "scratched at his ears until they bled" Source

  169. Self-confidence, loss of Source

  170. Sheep: "...very sensitive to noise and to disturbance. This will impact their ability to go where they're used to going" Source

  171. Sheep, wool quality affected Source

  172. Sheep: birth defects Source

  173. Sheep (and cows) agitated "will leave their offspring in fits of panic" Source

  174. Sheep (lambs) – "perforated ulcers of stomach and intestines" Source

  175. Sick Building Syndrome Source

    Wind in the Bush
    Wind health
  176. Sinus tightening ("experienced a tightening of my sinus and dull thud in my head") Charlie Arnott Source

  177. Sinusitis, chronic Source

  178. Skin cancer ("basal cell cancer") ("The cables were buried near us. Out house was a living microwave oven from dirty electricity... I have been diagnosed with Basal Cell Cancer from the very areas that started bleeding when we were on (sic) our toxic house." [Source: leaked email, Ontraio wind farm opponents 12 June 2012]

  179. Skin, "sensation of skin crawling or being bitten by bugs" Source

  180. Skull, electromagnetic spasms: Source

  181. Sleep, babies wake at night [Ed. All who have had children will recognise this as a very rare condition] "Baby at 9 months is getting up, up to four times a night" Source

  182. Sleep disturbance (waking up in the middle of the night in a panic state) "It's like a fleet of planes continually over my house," Source

  183. Sleeping alone (fear of in children) Source

  184. Speech problems Source

  185. Speech, disrupted development Source

  186. Staring blankly Source

  187. Stomach "issues" Source

  188. Stomach ulcers Source

  189. Stomach acid ("battery") "She says her vision is blurred, she is losing sleep and feels as if her stomach has battery acid in it." Source

  190. Stress & irritability Source

  191. Stroke Source

  192. Stroke, being "taken to the brink of" Source

  193. Suicidal ideation Source

  194. Suicide, major increase in: Source

  195. Sweating at night Source

  196. Symptoms, indescribable ("some indescribable symptoms") Source

    Wind in the Bush
    Wind health
  197. Tachycardia Source

  198. Throat infections Source

  199. Thyroid metabolism, disorders of Source

  200. Tinnitus Source

  201. Toilet frequency (nights) greatly increased; Sarah Laurie: "just about everybody ... every five or ten minutes needing to go to the toilet." (Ed: Let's assume people went to bed at 11pm and woke at 7am, that's 8 hours: toilet frequency = 6 to 12 times an hour -- 48 to 96 times a night!!!) Source

  202. Tranquilizer use, large: "15 Valium tablets a day" (Ed: recommended Valium dose is 2-10mg 4 times daily – so this person is taking nearly 4x the recommended dose. Benzodiazepine dependence is common see Source

  203. Transient ischemic attacks Source

  204. Tree-roosting bats: Late?Summer Mating Readiness and Early Sexual Maturation (in those found dead near wind turbines) Source

  205. Triglycerides, elevated Source

  206. Unsteadiness Source

  207. Uterine blood haemorrhaging Source

  208. Vertigo Source

  209. Vibrations in "body systems and cavities" Source 1 and Source 2

  210. "Vibroacoustic disease" Source

  211. Violent crime, major increase in: Source

  212. Visceral Vibratory Vestibular Distrubance (sic) (VWD) ("rapid heartbeat, nausea, internal quivering or pulsation, and more." Source

  213. Visual blurring Source

  214. Vomiting up blood Source

  215. Waking up suddenly "in a panicked anxious frightened state, night after night, and often a number of times a night" (children) . Source

  216. Water contamination (groundwater) Source

  217. Watery eyes Source

  218. Weight gain Source

  219. Weight loss Source

  220. Whale migration affected Source

  221. "Wind Turbine Syndrome" Source

  222. Yawning Source