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This page started as an attempt to list, and link to, the volunteer groups in the Mandurah area in order to allow their members and anyone interested to get in touch, but I've found that there are so many groups that finding links to all would be difficult.

My original idea was a Facebook page for people, the volunteers themselves in particular, to write notifications and comments on anything to do with voluntary work around Mandurah. It will help all those who are working to improve Mandurah and Mandurah's environment to keep informed about what is happening. This page is a sort of companion to that.

Further down this page are listed just a few of the many groups that include and welcome volunteers in Mandurah. I suggest that you also try GoVolunteer or just do a search using something like "volunteer groups in Mandurah" and you will find many more. The Peel Volunteer Referral Centre page states that it "will connect you to the perfect volunteer role for you in the Mandurah-Peel region."

This page was started 2023/02/23, last edited 2023/11/30
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Mandurah's environment and wildlife deserve to be looked after
Mandurah's many volunteers are doing great work

Some links to groups that include volunteers

There is a thing called Mandurah Environmental Volunteers Alliance. I don't have any details on exactly what it is.

Internet sites...

Bouvard Coast Care Group

Cycling Without Age is a not-for-profit charity that provides a community service by connecting those no longer able to ride for themselves with their community and the outdoors by giving them free rides on trishaw ebikes, piloted by volunteer cyclists.

Estuary Guardians Mandurah

Mandurah Environment & Heritage Group

Mandurah Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Men of the Trees, Peel branch

Peel Preservation Group Inc

The St Vincent de Paul Society are always looking for volunteers

Weed control, Erskine; David Clarke's project (and page)

City of Mandurah (Council)

Embrace a Space (and other ways of getting involved in your community)

Mandurah Matters: Council projects around Mandurah


Volunteering Australia provides a search facility that will give a list of volunteering opportunities anywhere in Australia

Facebook connections...

Some of these are Facebook Pages and some are Facebook Groups

Bouvard Coast Care Group

Cycling Without Age, Mandurah

Estuary Guardians Mandurah

Friends of Samphire Cove Nature Reserve Group

Mandurah Environment and Heritage Group

Mandurah Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Men of the Trees Peel Branch

Peel Preservation Group Inc.

City of Mandurah (Council)

Mandurah Communities Page

Mandurah Volunteer Groups represented, National Volunteer Week Celebration ยท 21 May 2023

Birdlife Australia
Bouvard Coast Care Group
Canoe Trail Friends of Mandurah and Pinjarra
Clean Waterways Working Group
Coastal Waste Warriors
Embrace a Space Volunteers
Estuary Guardians
Friends of Island Point
Friends of Lake McLarty
Friends of Rivers, Peel
Friends of Samphire Cove Nature Reserve
Lake Clifton Herron Landcare
Lakelands Community Garden
Mandurah Bird Observers Group
Mandurah Community Gardens
Mandurah Dragon Boat Club
Mandurah Environment Advisory Group
Mandurah Environment and Heritage Group
Mandurah Filipino-Australian Multicultural Inc.
Mandurah Just Joey Marsupial Care Wildlife Centre
Mandurah Tree Advocates
Mandurah Volunteer Dolphin Rescue
Mandurah Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
Mariners Cove Community Group
Men of the Trees, Peel
Peel Environmental Protection Alliance
Peel Multicultural Association
Peel Preservation Group
Peel Region Reptile Group
Peel Region Western Ringtail Possum Action Group
Peel Volunteer Resource Centre
Peel-Harvey Catchment Council
Protect Doddis Beach
River Wren Rescue
Seascapes Community Association
WA Fairy Tern Network
Western Australian Native Orchard Study Group
Western Australian Seabird Rescue
Wetland Stories Exhibition Group