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SA's renewables success
Facebook giving Rite-On a hard time
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Rite-On; a climate science denial, anti-renewable energy site

Rite-On fancied itself as an 'antidote to GetUp!' for a time. The people behind it said that they were fighting for family, future and freedoms, in fact by opposing action on climate change they were adding to the damage that our shared planet is likely to suffer.

Contrary to the claims of organisations such as Rite-On, there is ample and very convincing evidence for the reality and seriousness of anthropogenic climate change.

When I first wrote this page, January 2019, the Rite-On page about wind turbines, titled 'Epic Fail', was full of the lies and gross exaggerations that are typical of the wind power opposition 'industry'. In January 2020 it seemed to still be the same.

This page was written 2019/01/07, modified 2020/01/29
Contact: David K. Clarke – ©
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The author of these pages has no significant financial connection to the wind industry (I do have some shares in wind power as well as other industries). These pages are my own work and are maintained at my own expense. My main motivations are getting action on climate change and the dissemination of the facts.

The future of the world is with renewable energy, not fossil fuels

The burning of fossil fuels is the main cause of climate change, ocean acidification and of the air pollution that kills millions of people world-wide each year.

South Australia's great success in the adoption of renewable energy demonstrated that Australia's energy future, and the world's energy future too, must be in renewable energy, not with coal or nuclear power.

Over the 16 years from 2003 South Australia closed its last coal fired power stations, changed from near zero renewable electricity to more than 50%, and, at the same time had lower electricity price rises than the other Australian states.

Peterborough Solar Farm, northern South Australia
Peterborough Solar Farm
Photo taken with my drone, 2018/05/12
Hornsdale Power Reserve (Tesla Big Battery) and a very small part of the Hornsdale Wind Farm
Big battery
Photographed 2018/01/14 by my drone
Solar powered Sundrop Farms with the closed coal-fired Northern Power Station in the background
Solar and coal
Expect to see more scenes like this in the future, coal fired power stations shutting down and renewable energy taking over.
Port Augusta, South Australia; Photographed 2016/09/12

The claim that wind turbines were harmful to health, repeated in Rite-On, ran its course from about 2009 to 2014

No one outside of the wind-turbine haters who are desperate to find some justification for their hatred keep harping on about it.

There's little point in me repeating all the evidence here, read WindHealth if you are interested in the truth.

At the time of writing, Rite-On mentioned 'yokeless eggs'. This is one of more than 220 illnesses or symptoms that have been blamed on wind turbines. Can you believe it? I can't.

World Health Organisation (WHO) report

The Rite-On 'Epic Fail' page referred to a WHO report titled 'Environmental Noise Guidelines for the European Region'. The report correctly stated that excessive noise is a health risk.

What Rite-On failed to say was that Australian wind farms are well within the WHO guide-lines for noise and that the same WHO report said that there was no evidence linking wind turbines to adverse health.

I've written more on the WHO report and on a politician who also twisted the meaning of the report elsewhere on these pages.

What references does Rite-On use in support of their claims?

Rite-On doesn't refer to any credible sources or documents in support of their claims; instead they rely on the sensation seeking media, including the notoriously anti-renewable-energy Murdoch empire for their 'evidence'.

These pages refer to respected, reliable and credible sources for supporting evidence.

Wind turbines and fires

Rite-On claims that serious bushfires have been sparked by fires in wind turbines. In fact at the time of writing there were some 2,300 wind turbines in Australia; there had been a total of three wind turbine fires reported in the press, the most recent in 2010. That is a very low fire risk, far lower than many other industrial, rural or agricultural operations.

Contrary to the claims of dishonest organisations such as Rite-On and StopTheseThings I have shown proof that not one of these wind turbine fires caused a bushfire.

Wind farm complaints

Rite-On implies that many people are complaining about nearby wind farms. In fact the Australian Wind Farm Commissioner, running an office set up specifically to look into complaints about wind farms, has only received a total of about 163 complaints from the whole of Australia, on all matters relating to wind farms, in two and a half years (October 2015 to May 2018); further, some 145 of the complaints have been resolved.

Life of a wind turbine

Contrary to the statement in Rite-On that wind turbines are unlikely to last ten years, Western Australian wind turbines at Ten Mile Lagoon, built in 1993 (26 years old) and those at Nine Mile Beach, built in 2003 (16 years old) are still going. The oldest utility scale wind farm in South Australia, Starfish Hill, built in 2003 (16 years old), the oldest wind farm in NSW, Blayney, built in 2000 (19 years old), the oldest wind farm in Victoria, Codrington, built in 2001 (18 years old) and the oldest wind farm in Queensland, Windy Hill, built in 2000 (19 years old) are also still going.

The only Australian wind farm worthy of the name that has been decommissioned is Salmon Beach, built in 1987 and dismantled in 2002 due to urban encroachment and being superseded by the more modern and bigger turbines of Ten Mile Lagoon.

Contrary to the lies in Rite-On, there are no 'rusted out turbine relics' of utility-scale wind turbines anywhere in Australia.

Dr Nina Pierpont

Rite-On's 'Epic Fail' article referred to "Dr Nina Pierpoint" (note that they didn't even spell her name correctly).

According to the Energy and Policy Institute Dr Pierpont 'conducted a minor and very poorly constructed health survey' that she used to support her belief that wind turbines make people sick (wind turbine syndrome – a disease that you will not find in any respected health reference).

Of course, as mentioned elsewhere on this page, the claims and conclusions of Dr Pierpont's 'study' are complete tosh. I've written a page on the subject that I've called Pierpont-Laurie Syndrome because a Ms Laurie spread the same delusion in Australia.

"Toxic waste lakes"

Uses of rare earth elements
Image from Geology.com
Rite-On repeats the 'connection' between wind turbines and irresponsible rare earth mining in third world countries where wastes have been disposed of carelessly – hence they used the phrase 'toxic waste lakes'.

Not surprising they don't mention the fact that, as shown in the graph on the right, far more rare earths are used in catalysts, metallurgy, alloys, ceramics, glass, and glass polishing than in the magnets in wind turbines. Rare earth elements are used in our mobile phones too.

Geology.com didn't even list magnets on their graph and of course rare earth magnets are used in many places as well as in wind turbines.

I've written more on this particular red herring elsewhere on these pages.

I could go on

I wrote at the top of this page that the Rite-On 'Epic Fail' page was a typical anti-wind power rant, full of lies and gross exaggerations. I was wrong, it is worse than most.

'Epic Fail' will be an epic failure in convincing any thinking person about anything at all, other than that Rite-On is not to be trusted.

It is just not worth my time to debunk more of their lies.


Edited 2020/01/30

South Australia's great achievement shows what renewable energy in general and wind power in particular can do.

Contrary to claims by climate science denying anti-renewables organisations such as Rite-On wind and solar power have been very successful. Both now produce electricity more cheaply than new-build fossil fuel power stations, and, of course, they are enormously cleaner.

The graph below shows a record of South Australia's huge success in:

  1. Going from near zero renewable energy to about 50% in just 15 years;
  2. Adopting wind power (shown green on the graph);
  3. Adopting solar power (shown yellow on the graph);
  4. Finishing with coal power (shown brown on the graph);
  5. and from 2017, increasingly exporting power to the eastern states.
The remainder of Australia has achieved far less. For more information on South Australia's great achievement see SA Success, elsewhere on this site.

South Australia's generation record (added to this page 2019/01/17)
SA generation record
Image credit: Open Nem

This section added 2020/01/30

Facebook giving Rite-On a hard time

I see that a couple of Rite-On's internet pages complain about their treatment by Facebook. They say that Rite-On "has been de-boosted, de-platformed and effectively silenced by Facebook".

I strongly suspect that Facebook are quite rightly limiting Rite-On's coverage because of the latter's lies and misrepresentations.

Rite-On complains about Facebook opposing free speech. Rite-On people, free speech does not always include the right to spread lies.

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