Photographs of Starfish Hill Wind Farm

Starfish Hill was the first windfarm to be built in South Australia.
It is on the Fleurieu Peninsula, about eighty kilometres south of Adelaide.

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Written 2007/08/04, last edited 2023/10/31

Starfish Hill wind turbine

The sky looks cold - the weather was far from cold.

This turbine is on Starfish Hill itself. Some other of the turbines of Starfish Hill Wind Farm are on Salt Creek Hill.

Contact, David K Clarke – ©
Starfish Hill wind turbines
Turbines of Salt Creek Hill with the water of St Vincent Gulf behind them; from Starfish Hill.

A technique called high dynamic range (HDR) photography was used to bring out the detail in the foreground hills - it would have been missed in a standard exposure because of the very bright light reflected from Saint Vincent Gulf.
Starfish Hill wind turbines
Looking from the public road on Salt Creek Hill toward the turbines on Starfish Hill itself.

There are 8 turbines on Starfish Hill and 15 on the lower Salt Creek Hill.
Starfish Hill wind turbine
Summer clouds drifting past one of the 1.5MW Starfish Hill turbines

Starfish Hill wind turbines
On top of Starfish Hill
Starfish Hill wind turbines
Turbines on Salt Creek Hill with the water of Saint Vincent Gulf in the background.
Starfish Hill wind turbine
An old fence line leads to a new turbine

Starfish Hill wind turbine
Starfish Hill turbine in foreground, Salt Creek Hill turbines in background.

I used the HDR (high dynamic range) technique to combine 3 exposures into one; hence the multiple blades on the foreground turbine.
Starfish Hill wind turbines
Sunset lights the clouds above the Fleurieu Peninsula, and the Gulf Saint Vincent while silhouetting some of the turbines.

Starfish Hill in the foreground, Salt Creek Hill in the background.

Salt Creek Hill wind turbines
Patchy sunshine on Salt Creek Hill.

Viewed from Cape Jervis.