Giving free rein to thought -
dreaming a little

If you temporarily put aside reality and practicality and just allowed yourself to dream about what you might like to see happen, how the world could be made a better place, who should and should not remain on this beautiful, delicate, fragile planet, what might you dream of?

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Into the Sun

This beautiful world needs to be loved and protected. Can I be allowed to dream of removing all those people who don't love it, don't respect it, and are damaging it?

I've just been out for a four-aims walk; well actually I had three aims but did another small job at the same time. I intended to:
  • give the dog some exercise;
  • pick up some rubbish beside the local park;
  • and perhaps get some nice photos.
I came across some weeds on the walk and pulled them out (part of a long-term project of mine). Unfortunately I didn't get any nice photos, too much thinking of other things.

I just let my mind wonder on the sort of people who dump their rubbish on our roadsides, paths, parks and gardens. Do they not appreciate the communities in which they live? Are they blind to the beauty in this world? Do they just dump their rubbish thinking that someone else will pick it up? Or do they simply not think or not care?

And then there are those who rubbish our shared planet in a far bigger way, the fossil fuel millionaire and billionaire investors; the oil, gas and coal executives, many of whom try their hardest, by lying, misinforming and misleading, to slow the transition to renewable energy and hold up action on the climate change disaster. (I've written about some of the worst of the Australian criminals on another page on this site.)

If there was a button that I could press that would lead to all these people disappearing in a puff of smoke, would I press that button? I'd be sorely tempted.

The world is grossly overpopulated, wouldn't all the decent people, who love this beautiful world and want to protect it, be better off without the despicable people who rubbish and damage it? Wouldn't the world itself be better off without them?

Then reality hits...

While I have argued elsewhere that a person is not harmed in dying, one would have to consider the hurt done to the decent people who loved those who disappeared. Perhaps I'm lucky that I don't have that button to press and that decision to make?

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