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This page was added to my site because I decided that it was foolish to place too much trust in Google Search. I have done so, many people do. It has long been in the back of my mind that we all are too reliant on one search engine and there is a danger in that.

For the past several months I have found Google Search to be very disappointing.

I used the search engines below, including Google, in six tests. Yandex passed all five, Yahoo passed two, none of the others passed any at all!

This page was started 2021/09/20
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these pages.

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External Internet search engines, in alphabetical order
Science Direct; a specialist science search

Special Google searches


The trial strings I used were:
  • Beetaloo dam
  • Wind power lies
  • Suicide as a rational decision
  • The concept of an immortal soul is logically unsupportable
  • Commentary on an age of contradictions
  • Why doesn't God talk to us?
These strings are the titles of five of my pages. The first three have been in place on the Internet for many years, the next two have been in place for about five months, the last was written on 2021/08/22. As mentioned above, Yandex found all six, Yahoo found two (the second and forth), none of the others found any at all!

If most of the search engines, other than Yandex, are failing to find my pages, what else are they failing to find?

More tests, 2021/09/22:

  • "Wind power problems" All failed to find it
    Yahoo and Yandex found "Wind power problems, alleged problems and objections", the full title of the page.

  • "morrison government" Only Yandex found it; placed it second, after the Wikipedia entry.

  • "end of coal" Yandex was the only one to find it; placed it first.

Background to this page

About March 2021 Yahoo Small Business stopped supporting web hosting. They had hosted my web pages, ramblingsdc.net, for about 15 years.

I transferred by web pages to an Australian company, Ventra Ip. Yahoo Small Business were not cooperating, not replying to my messages at all. Ventra Ip needed Yahoo Small Business to release the name 'ramblingsdc.net' before they could use it. So I placed my web pages under a new name, 'comagecontra.net' (a contraction of 'A Commentary on an Age of Contradictions', which I thought described what they were about better than the old name).

Google search had previously given many of my pages under ramblingsdc.net a high rating. I expected similar ratings within a few weeks for my new pages, but after about six months Google had still not picked up on the change.

Yandex have picked up on my new site, and Yahoo search have picked up on it to a limited extent, Google Search has almost entirely failed.