The record of the misdeeds and crimes of the Australian Morrison Coalition Government, August 2018 –  May 2022

This page presents evidence suggesting that it was one of the most unethical governments in Australia's history.

A government must have high ethical standards. The Morrison government was totally lacking in acceptable ethical standards, as is shown on many places on this page.

The burning of fossil fuels is widely recognised as the main cause of climate change, ocean acidification, sea level rise and ocean warming. The air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels kills millions of people world-wide each year. Together these are the greatest threats to the future of our planetary environment and the quality of life of our children and grandchildren.

What is the record of the Morrison government on reducing climate changing emissions? In 2020 Australia ranked second last of 177 nations on 'climate action' and a year later Australia ranked last of 60 nations on climate policy. The Morrison government has favoured fossil fuels and bagged renewable energy at every opportunity, but in spite of this Australia's fossil fuel industries are in decline and renewables are going ahead in leaps and bounds.

The Morrison Government is out of touch with what the Australian people want and with the reality of the twenty-first century; renewable energy is the future, coal is the past and gas is on the way out too. The Morrison Government is shamelessly corrupt and in the pocket of the fossil fuel lobby.

I have argued elsewhere that for a person in a position of power to knowingly lie to slow the adoption of renewable energy and support the fossil fuel industry is to commit the greatest crime in the history of humanity – due to its extremely harmful consequences, not only to future humans, but to all life on Earth. This may seem extreme but it is an easily supported argument. People guilty of that crime should be prosecuted and jailed. I've often wondered why this point is not raised more often.

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PM Scott Morrison with a lump of coal
Scott Morrison with friend in parliament

Other Governments...
Howard (mainly)


The need for a federal ICAC

Australia is in desperate need of a federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), the Morrison government promised one, but failed to deliver.

Obviously the corrupt Morrison government would not want an ICAC and, while I would think that most independents and minor parties would be supportive, I doubt the the federal Labor Party would be because they would want to be free to cheat when and if they get into power.

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What matters in regard to Australia and climate change action?

PM Morrison says that under his government Australia is meeting its climate change commitments and lowering its emissions. Both points are arguable, but how important are they apart from their relevance to the honesty, or otherwise, of our prime minister; do they really much matter?


2021: Australia ranked last of 60 nations on climate policy

Graham Readfearn reported in The Guardian on 2021/11/10 that "The Australian government’s policy response to the climate crisis was ranked last in an assessment of 60 countries released at the global climate summit in Glasgow.

The Morrison government’s lack of policies, high per capita greenhouse gas emissions, weak targets, low levels of renewables and high levels of energy use, saw the country given an overall ranking of 54 among individual countries."


2020: Australia ranked second last of 177 nations on 'climate action'

As reported in RenewEconomy "In the 2020 edition of the Sustainable Development Report, Australia’s score for 'climate action' saw it rank second last, sitting 176th of 177 countries assessed".

Australia's killer coal industry

Not only is the burning of Australian coal one of the leading causes of climate change and associated problems, not only does the air and other pollution from the burning of Australian coal, both inside and outside of Australia, contribute to millions of deaths each year, but it also is responsible for 800 premature deaths each year inside Australia. See Coal Impacts Index.

Most of the coal mined in Australia is exported, 77% according to Wikipedia. What proportion of the millions of deaths the World Health Organisation reports as being due to air pollution can be put down to Australian coal? I suggest that, through Australia's coal industry, it could be said that Australia's biggest export is death.

I suggest they don't, what matters is this:

  • Is Australia doing all it can to save the planet from climate disaster?
  • Is it doing its share as a nation?
  • Is it doing as much as it can without adversely impacting its economy?
  • Is it doing as much as it is ethically obliged to do?
The answers to all four questions is NO. Australia is failing on many counts:
  • Australia ranks 53rd in the world in population, but sixth in the world in the CO2 produced by its electricity industry;
  • Australia has 0.3% of the world's population, but produces 1.2% of the world's greenhouse gasses;
  • Australia's per-capita greenhouse gas emission rate is about 17 tonnes per annum, more than three times the world average, which is about 5 tonnes per annum.
  • If Australia's fossil fuel exports are taken into consideration the nation is responsible for about 3.6% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.
Australia has an ethical obligation to bring its greenhouse gas emission rate down at least to the world average. Not only is the Australian government failing to fulfil it ethical responsibilities, it is doing practically nothing to combat climate change.

Australia's emissions intensity (as distinct from total emissions) over the last decade or so has decreased because of the rise of renewable energy generation. No thanks to Prime Ministers Abbott, Turnbull, Morrison or Energy Minister Angus Taylor. The Coalition has fought against the adoption of renewables all along. The federal Labor party under Anthony Albanese is little better. Both major parties are blinded by the short-term profits and political donations coming from the coal industry.

The urgency to act; 23rd December 2019

The international meeting on climate change action had just finished in Madrid with Australia's refusal to cooperate in significantly lowering emissions.

At about the same time there were unprecedented fires in both NSW and SA, Australia experienced its hottest day on record, there was an unprecedented drought and unprecedented low flows in the Murray-Darling. The world's climate scientists had warned us for years that this sort of thing was to be expected with climate change. It had also been reported that agricultural incomes in Australia had fallen 22% due to climate change.

Yet the Morrison government continued to refuse to act!

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Duty of care

Justice Mordecai Bromberg of the Australian federal court found that the Australian government, environment minister Sussan Lay in particular, has a duty of care to protect young people from the climate crisis in a judgment hailed by lawyers and teenagers who brought the case as a world first.

In an article in the Guardian, written by Laura Schuijers and dated 2021/05/27, Ms Schuijers quoted from the judgement:

"It is difficult to characterise in a single phrase the devastation that the plausible evidence presented in this proceeding forecasts for the children. As Australian adults know their country, Australia will be lost and the world as we know it gone as well.

The physical environment will be harsher, far more extreme and devastatingly brutal when angry. As for the human experience – quality of life, opportunities to partake in nature’s treasures, the capacity to grow and prosper – all will be greatly diminished.

Lives will be cut short. Trauma will be far more common and good health harder to hold and maintain.

None of this will be the fault of nature itself. It will largely be inflicted by the inaction of this generation of adults, in what might fairly be described as the greatest inter-generational injustice ever inflicted by one generation of humans upon the next.

To say that the children are vulnerable is to understate their predicament."
Plainly the government is failing in this duty of care. While many federal coalition parliamentarians are pushing fossil fuels and opposing renewables, the standout criminals seem to be energy minister Angus Taylor and Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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Taxpayers' money being spent by the Morrison government on bandaid solutions to damage they themselves caused and continue to cause

Great Barrier Reef

On the one hand the Morrison government, through its determined and criminal support of fossil fuel extraction, export and burning, is playing a big part in the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef. On the other hand they are throwing taxpayers' money on vain attempts at damage limitation.

The burning of fossil fuels is widely recognised as the main cause of climate change, ocean acidification and ocean warming, all of which are damaging the reef.

There are many articles to be found on the internet about this absurdity, just one was published on The Conversation, 2022/02/01, titled "The $1 billion Great Barrier Reef funding is nonsensical. Australians, and their natural wonder, deserve so much better". It was written by Jon C. Day and Scott F. Heron.

Koala habitat

In a very similar way the Morrison government is approving land clearing in koala habitat and at the same time spending $50 million of taxpayers' money "to restore koala habitat, monitor populations and research the animals’ health". An article in The Conversation, 2022/02/09, by Lachlan G. Howell, Ryan R. Witt and Shelby A. Ryan describes how the "Morrison government spends $50 million saving koalas while taking away their homes".

Two-faced government

The Morrison government has, at the same time, opposed the introduction of renewable energy and taken credit for the success of renewable energy growth in Australia.


Update, February 2022

With an election due soon, probably in May, the Morrison government is running TV advertisements (at taxpayers' expense) trying to take credit for Australia's renewable energy developments, after favouring fossil fuels over renewables at every opportunity.
While the Morrison government has opposed renewable energy and favoured fossil fuels at every opportunity, by April 2021 they were trying to take the credit for Australia's transitioning toward sustainability. The fact is that Australia's progress has been thanks to some state governments at some times, a number of companies (several of them being foreign) and the more visionary of the Australian people.

Ministers in the Morrison Government, and Liberal and National members of parliament, often talk about 'protecting jobs' in country districts by supporting the fossil fuel industries, but never talk about developing more jobs by supporting the fast growing renewable energy industries. Plainly there is far more future potential in the renewable energy industries than there is in the dying fossil fuel industries.

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Corruption in the Morrison government


A reasonable question

If the Morrison government is not corrupt, why is it refusing to allow the setting up of an Independent Commission Against Corruption?
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You can get access to PM Morrison if you want to pay for it

The Western Australia Sunday Times of 2022/03/14 carried an article under the title "PM a very pricey date". It stated that in a coming visit to WA by PM Morrison seats at a table with the PM were being sold at $14,000 each. Purchasing one of these seats would allow the buyer to sit at a table with Mr Morrison and an opportunity to ask him questions.

Access for a fee. What is that if not corrupt?

A number of sections on this page document the corruption of the Morrison government:
  • Fossil fuel industry trumps all: The Morrison government's criminal support of the fossil fuel industry and opposition to reducing carbon emissions (both domestic carbon emissions and the carbon emissions from Australia's coal and gas exports) is their most blatant corruption;

  • Federal ICAC promised, but not delivered: The Morrison government promised an Independent Commission Against Corruption at the 2019 election but has failed to deliver it - for the obvious reason that they want to continue with their corrupt practices;

  • Commuter car park scandal: Paul Karp wrote an article in The Guardian, 2021/06/28, headlined ‘Sports rorts on steroids’: scathing report finds Coalition car park program not effective or merit-based. It describing the conclusions of an Australian National Audit Office report. Paul Karp wrote:
    Not one of the 47 commuter car park sites promised by the Coalition at the 2019 election was selected by the infrastructure department, with projects worth $660m handpicked by the government on advice of its MPs and candidates.

    That is the conclusion of a scathing Australian National Audit Office report released on Monday, which found that the department’s administration of the program was “not effective” and identification of projects “was not demonstrably merit-based”.
    Again, a case of quite blatant corruption.

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    1. This is a Morrison government advertisement aimed solely at getting themselves re-elected.
    2. The graph has been designed to make the increase in employment look huge while in fact 260,000 in 13 million is an increase of only 2%.
    3. The graph indicates a rise from 13 million to 13.3 million, not 13 million to 13.26 million as indicated by the published numbers.

    While the figures may well have been from the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) the graph and advertisement would have been from the Morrison government's spin department.

    The advertisement took up a half page of one of the local papers in my area, the Mandurah Coastal Times. I'd guess that it was placed in most newspapers across Australia at huge expense to the taxpayers.

  • Sports rorts scandal: Morrison's Sports Minister, Bridget McKenzie, corruptly handed most of $100 million to marginal seats held by the Coalition before the 2019 election, as reported by the Auditor General.

  • A good job for a mate; curtesy of the taxpayers: The Morrison government flew retiring Finance Minister Senator Mathias Cormann around the world in an Airforce jet at an estimated cost to the Australian tax payers of $3,000 per hour so that he could find himself a lucrative job as the next secretary general of the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The position would not be to represent Australia, it would just be a highly paid job for Mr Cormann.

  • Drought relief scandal: The Morrison government handed out drought relief money to non-eligible councils to help win the May 2019 election.

  • Looking after polluting fossil fuels industry: PM Morrison again pandered to the fossil fuel industry (and neglected Australia's huge renewable energy potential and climate change) when he announced what he called a gas-fired recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Party funding kept secret: In an article by Kate Griffiths, Dannielle Wood and Tom Crowley, all of the Gratten Institute, published on The Conversation, 2021/02/01, it was revealed that more than half of funding for the major parties is kept secret.

    So not only does the government do favours for those who donate to their campaign fund, but the public is not even allowed to know who many of those donors are!

    The same article mentioned some of the major donors who gave money to both of the major parties; I quote:

    "The Australian Hotels Association gave $154,000 to the Coalition and $271,000 to Labor. Woodside Energy gave $198,000 to the Coalition and $138,000 to Labor. The Macquarie Group (including Macquarie Telecom) gave $254,000 to the Coalition and $184,000 to Labor. ANZ continued its regular donations to both sides with $100,000 each."
    It is inconceivable that these organisations give these large amounts of money to the political parties due to their generosity; they are expecting something in return.
A careful look through this page would probably bring to light more examples of the corruption of the Morrison government.

Footnote; Labor

It should also be mentioned that the federal Labor party too is very supportive of the Australian fossil fuel industry, not keen on an Independent Commission against Corruption, and receiving big monitory gifts that suggest improper influence.

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Edited 2021/06/30

Morrison government's failure with COVID-19 vaccination

Government has failed the Australian people in two ways:
  1. The vaccination has been far slower than was promised, slower than what could have been achieved and slower than most similar countries have managed (see the boxed text below right);
  2. The quarantining of people coming from overseas, some of them bringing COVID with them, has been incompetently handled. There have been many outbreaks due to failures in the quarantine hotel system. There should have been quarantine stations purpose-built many months ago, there still have not been (as of 2021/06/30).

COVID-19 vaccinations - OECD countries
OECD vaccination graph
Downloaded from Our World in Data 2021/06/30
Australia is second last of 37 OECD countries in COVID vaccination.

Late June 2021


Australia's position in the OECD group of countries - on the graph above

17 of the 37 OECD countries have administered more than 80 vaccine doses per 100 people, another ten have administered more than 70; Australia is at second last at 29.
The Australian state governments are struggling to control outbreaks from quarantine (quarantine is a federal government responsibility) and Australians are more susceptible to COVID than are the citizens of comparable countries because of the Morrison government's failure to secure sufficient supplies of vaccine.

Due to pandemic outbreaks from quarantine and a monumental failure to get Australians vaccinated at the end of June 2021 there were lock-downs in greater Perth, Darwin, Townsville, Brisbane, Gold Coast and greater Sydney. For more information see Australia's COVID-19 crisis: State-by-state guide to border restrictions and lockdowns, 2021/06/29, written by Olivana Lathouris, for 9 News.

This should not be happening; the Morrison government has let The Australian people down badly. Quarantine and Australia's supply of vaccine are federal government responsibility. The states are continually struggling to control outbreaks that are due to the gross incompetence of the Morrison federal government.

Further back...

A Guardian article titled "Australia Covid vaccine tracker: how is the rollout progressing and when will you get the jab?" dated 2021/04/06 showed how greatly the Morrison government had fallen behind both its original and its revised targets for getting Australians vaccinated.

The original target was to get four million people vaccinated by the end of March; they achieved 600,000. About then the government produced a revised target.

According to the original plan seven million people would have been vaccinated by the time of writing, April 13th; according to the revised plan about two and a half million would have had their first shot. In fact a total of 1.2 million doses had been given.

By early April PM Morrison had refused to set any more targets.

Again at the time of writing, the UK had vaccinated about 27% of their people, the USA had vaccinated about 12%; Australia had achieved less than 5%.

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SA's great success in shifting from fossil fuels to renewable energy recognised by IEEFA and WEF

In June 2021 the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) held up SA's success to the rest of the world as an example of what can be achieved in the move from fossil fuels toward renewable energy. See SA's success for more detail.

Will the Morrison government take any notice or will they go on supporting fossil fuels through thick and thin?

PM Morrison's gas-fired recovery is to include a blatant $600 million gift to the fossil fuel industry and Liberal/National party donors

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AEMO predicts stable power supply

Melissa Clarke wrote an article for ABC News headlined 'Australian Electricity Market Operator predicts stable supply despite closures of coal-fired power stations'.

So there is absolutely no need for the government to spend taxpayers' money on new gas- or coal-fired power stations.

Prime Minister Morrison announced in a media release of 2020/09/15 what he calls a gas-fired economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quoting from an article in The Guardian, written by Adam Morton and published 2020/09/17:

In a speech in the Hunter Valley, the prime minister repeated a claim he made at the press club in February: there is “no credible energy transition plan for an economy like Australia that does not involve the greater use of gas”.
This is simply a fantasy and a lie. There is no credible evidence to support it. See, for example, Transition to Renewables without Gas by the Climate Council and the Australian Energy Market Operator's Integrated System Plan to which the Climate Council's page refers.

Update May 2021

Adam Morton wrote a piece for the Guardian on 2021/05/19 detailing the Morrison Government's announcement that it would provide up to $600 million of taxpayers' money to build a 660MW gas-fired power station at Kurri Kurri in the Hunter Valley of NSW.


Why at Kurri Kurri?

On 2021/05/22 Tristan Edis pointed out on ABC radio that there is no gas pipeline at the proposed power station site so it will have to run on diesel at least for a time, which is about twice the cost of gas and more polluting.

Also see Ecogeneration for more commentary from energy experts.

While the PM and Energy Minister Taylor claim that the power station is needed and will reduce electricity costs to consumers, most experts in the field say the opposite.

On almost the same day as the gas-fired power station plan was announced the International Energy Agency stated that all new investments in fossil fuels should stop if we are to limit climate change.

The Kurri Kurri gas-fired power station was made even less necessary when, earlier in May, Energy Australia confirmed it was going to build a 300MW peaking power plant in the Illawarra, also in NSW. (It will also receive government financial assistance.)

In Adam Morton's Guardian article he noted that:

"[The new power station] would be expected to be powered initially by diesel – an even more expensive and polluting fuel – before receiving its gas supply."

Georgia Wilkins wrote an article for Crikey on 2021/05/19 about how the Kurri Kurri power station will be "a field day for [Liberal/National Coalition] party donors".

The South Australian diesel generators were nine dual-fuel GE aeroderivative TM2500 turbine gen-sets with a total capacity of 276MW. While initially intended to run on diesel, they could also be run on gas. See GE's article for more detail.
Ironically, back in 2021/02/15 South Australia's Liberal Premier Steven Marshall wrote critically of the previous Labor state government:

"They left the state relying on dirty diesel generators at a cost of over $600 million."
And now we see the federal Morrison government building another $600 million power station, at tax payers' expense, that will also run on diesel.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

CCS technology has been touted as a way of keeping the coal industry alive at the same time as getting rid of the CO2 emissions (there are reservations about leakage from the underground storages). While injecting CO2 underground has been used to enhance oil recovery in ageing oil-fields, so far as I have been able to find out no power station anywhere in the world has successfully used CCS.

Not surprisingly, the Morrison government is a big fan of CCS and is willing to spend a lot of taxpayers' money on this dead-end technology.

By 2015 renewables were around financial parity with new-built coal-fired power stations even without the huge additional cost of CCS, by 2021 renewables costs had fallen to the point where they were cheeper than coal-fired power without CCS. CCS just does not stack up from an economic point of view aside from any environmental concerns.


How could CCS ever be financially viable?

Quoting from Wikipedia 2017/06/30: "Capturing and compressing CO2 may increase the energy needs of a coal-fired CCS plant by 25-40%. These and other system costs are estimated to increase the cost per watt energy produced by 21-91% for fossil fuel power plants. Applying the technology to existing plants would be more expensive, especially if they are far from a sequestration site.

Two major blows to CCS within a few days, late June 2017

After spending US$7.5 billion (Aus$10 billion) on a 'clean coal' project that would have included carbon capture and storage, Southern Co, parent company of Mississippi Power announced that the project would be dropped. See articles in RenewEconomy and MIT Technology Review.

European power giants Engie and Uniper pulled out of a CCS test project in the Netherlands.

Big project dropped by US DoE

News, 2015/02/05, from RenewEconomy: FutureGen's demise another blow to CCS "FutureGen 2.0 coal power project in Illinois has collapsed following a US Department of Energy decision to withdraw funding for the plant".

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First visit to a renewable energy farm

After two years and seven months in government PM Morrison visits a solar farm. This is a groundbreaking event.

Giles Parkinson wrote an article for RenewEconomy, 2021/04/27 headlined "Breakthrough event: Prime minister Scott Morrison visits a solar farm". Quoting from the article:

"Why is this important, or even worth mentioning? Well, as far as we can tell, it is the very first time that any minister in Morrison’s government has visited a new wind or solar farm.

Indeed, any sort of visit by any Coalition minister to a wind or solar farm since their election in 2013 has been a rare event, despite the massive number of new facilities that have opened and transformed the country’s grid.

Apart from a documented visit by former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull to the Barcaldine solar farm in 2017, (along with the local MP and now agriculture minister David Littleproud), Coalition ministers have been largely absent from the official openings of the more than 100 wind and solar farms over the past eight years."
There have been three Coalition PMs since 2017: Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison. PM Turnbull was favourably disposed toward action on climate change, but opposed by most of the members of the parliamentary Coalition in this. Before him, PM Abbott was strongly opposed to action on climate change and renewable energy.

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The Beirut explosion, irresponsible government and climate change

On 2020/08/04 more than two thousand tonnes of ammonium nitrate exploded causing colossal damage to the city's port area and killing at least 200 people.

What has this to do with the Morrison Government and climate change?

The ammonium nitrate had been stored in a warehouse in the port of Beirut for six years in spite of the knowledge that it presented a risk of just such an enormous explosion. It was a disaster waiting to happen and was being ignored by the Lebanese government.

Climate change is a developing disaster that will impact billions of people and practically all life on earth, and, similarly to the Beirut case, it is not being given urgent attention by the world's governments.

Worse than Beirut the Morrison Government is making the situation worse by supporting the fossil fuel industries and resisting the introduction of renewable energy. While the Lebanese government were guilty of gross carelessness, the Morrison government is guilty of actively exacerbating the problem.

The Lebanese government was guilty of a crime of omission, the Morrison government is guilty of a crime of commission.

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Is Newcastle at risk of a Beirut-style explosion?

Kooragang Island and Newcastle
Orica's land is less than three and a half kilometres from Newcastle CBD
Something between 6,000 and 12,000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate is in storage in an explosives production plant on Kooragang Island in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. The Beirut explosion was caused by around 2,750 tonnes. (I have discussed the Beirut explosion and it's implications for the Morrison Government immediately above this section.)

The ABC has an article on it, written by Ben Millington. Millington wrote that it is within four kilometres of central Newcastle.

We are assured that it is very safe, but the fact is that it is a high explosive. It is used routinely as such in mining all over the place.

Counterterrorism and ammonium nitrate expert Professor Clive Williams from Australian National University was quoted in Ben Millington's ABC article:

"I have been to many explosive accident sites, and invariably the companies involved thought that an accident was unlikely to happen because they had adequate safety and security measures in place."
An article titled Accidental Ammonium Nitrate Explosions, written by Paul Somerville and Ryan Crompton can be read in Risk Frontiers.

At best it seems to me to be the height of foolishness to keep such a huge pile of a high explosives in a city.

Morrison government tries to force its own abysmal ethical standards onto a bank


Littleproud again

Minister Littleproud showed that he was either remarkably ignorant on the matter of climate change or both dishonest and not sure how to lie about the subject in September 2019.
As reported in The Conversation in an article by Saul Eslake dated 2020/11/08 and titled "From coal to criticism, this isn’t the first time the Coalition has tried to heavy the ANZ". Mr Eslake wrote:
Last week, the fifth most senior minister in the Morrison Government, agriculture Minister and Deputy National Party Leader David Littleproud, threatened the ANZ bank with “every lever at the federal government’s disposal - including the availability of deposit guarantees”.

His concern was an ANZ statement about climate change.

The bank had said that it supported the transition to a net zero emissions economy by 2050, and that as a consequence it would no longer provide banking services for new business customers with “material thermal coal exposures”.
Any conscientious person would think that ANZ's statement indicated a proper concern for the future of the planet, its people and all its diverse and wonderful life.


How low can they go?

This seems to be one of the most despicable things that the Morrison government has stooped to; it's hard to imagine how they could go much lower.
Saul Eslake also wrote:

Littleproud is seeking to prevent one of Australia’s leading banks from making a conscious, ethically-based decision to bring its lending practices into line with the goal of reducing Australia’s carbon emissions.
This is a shameful attack by the Morrison government on a business that is making some effort to give our grandchildren a planet that will not be greatly damaged by climate change, ocean acidification, sea level rise and the air pollution from the burning of fossil fuels that kills millions of people world wide each year.

South Australian Liberal government and Morrison Liberal government are at opposite ends of the energy spectrum

Waterloo Wind Farm, South Australia
Wind farm
Australian federal Coalition governments' have a history of favouring of the fossil fuel industries and opposing renewable energy developments such as this one. Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor in particular has been outspoken in his determined opposition to wind power.
On the other hand the South Australian Liberal Marshall government has been very pro-renewable energy – they can see where the future of energy lies.

This section added
At the time of writing there was a Liberal government in South Australia under Premier Steven Marshal while the Morrison Liberal government was in power in Canberra.


SA Liberals weren't always pro-renewables

During the Labor governments of Mike Rann (2002-2011) and Jay Weatherill (2011-2018) the SA Liberal Opposition was mostly strongly opposed to renewable energy and supportive of fossil fuels, see David Ridgway, then Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council for example, a man quite ready to tell ridiculous lies in opposing the state's adoption of renewable energy.

Perhaps the closing of South Australia's last coal fired power station in May 2016 showed the state Liberals that fossil fuels, coal in particular, had no future.

In the matter of action on climate change and the adoption of renewable energy the two could not be further apart. While the Morrison government does all it can to prop up the dying fossil fuel industries and sabotage the renewable energy industries the SA government can see that the future is in renewables; it has a target of 100% renewable electricity by 2030, and it is likely that that target will be met early.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this dichotomy is that neither government publicly criticises the other. The state Liberals, in particular Minister for Energy and Mining, Dan van Holst Pellikaan, are continually espousing the strong future of renewable energy for the state, but not a critical word will they say against the opposite stance in the federal government.

Tasmania, also with a Liberal government, was similarly pursuing a renewable energy future, with a target of 200% renewables by 2020.

This section added

An example of blatantly unethical mateship



The concept of mateship was first championed by Coalition Prime Minister John Howard. I have written at some length on the ethics of mateship on another page on this site.

Jobs for the boys

Australian governments of both major parties have a record of providing lucrative positions for retiring ministers, this particular attempt would have to be one of the most odious examples of these 'jobs for the boys'.
Senator Mathias Cormann announced in July 2020 that he would leave parliament by the end of the year.

In November 2020 the Australian people learned that Senator Cormann had been flown around the world in a Royal Australian Airforce plane at the Australian taxpayers' expense (probably in the vicinity of $3,000 per hour) trying to get himself the job of Secretary-General of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

Senator Cormann's tilt at this position has the full support of the Morrison government who nominated him for the lucrative job.

As reported by the ABC "the OECD is an international organisation that works to create policies that promote economic growth and look to improve social and environmental challenges faced globally." (My emphasis)

Senator Cormann served as Australia's Finance Minister from 2013 to 2020, under the Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison governments. In this position he has fully supported those governments in their battle to slow the development of renewable energy and prop up the polluting fossil fuel industries. He has actively fought against support for the environment.

Senator Cormann's nomination as Secretary-General of the OECD is not just a blatant case of mateship and 'jobs for the boys', in relation to this position in particular it is quite obscene.

I've written more on this subject on a dedicated page.

Is Australia becoming a police state?

This section added
Back in 2004 Australian Security Intelligence Services staff illegally broke into and "bugged, in a total breach of sovereignty, the cabinet room, the ministerial offices of then prime minister [Mari] Alkatiri and his government. They placed clandestine listening devices in the ministerial conference room ..."

The above is an extract from a transcript of ABC's Media Watch of 2020/06/15.

While this was bad enough, as the Media Watch episode noted, at the time of writing the ASIS officer (whose name we are not allowed to know, he is referred to as Witness K) who made this illegal activity public has been tried and sentenced in secret and even his lawyer, Bernard Callaery, is being tried at least partly in secret.

More can be read on the illegal bugging in Wikipedia.

I have written a little on then Foreign Minister Alexander Downer's known part in denying justice to East Timor on another page on this site.

Tax-payer liability for stranded assets

Michael Mazengarb wrote an article for Renew Economy on 2020/01/21 outlining research published by the Bank for International Settlements that indicated that central banks could be held financially responsible for stranded assets when nations are forced to act on climate change.

This seems to apply particularly to those nations whose governments tried to give the impression that fossil fuel industries had a strong future when, in fact, they have a very shaky future. Plainly, the Australian government is one such.

The Morrison government has heavily promoted coal mining in Australia, continually trying to convince investors that 'coal has a bright future'. If the industry collapses, due to forced action on reducing emissions, the Australian tax-payer, through the Reserve Bank of Australia, may well be held accountable for the highly misleading statements made by the government.

Clare polling booth, 2019/05/18
Our future
School kids Niamh and Emma asking for the world that they will inherit to be protected

They're back, 2019/05/20

In spite of the best efforts of kids who want a future, like those in the photo on the right, and a great many Australians who want serious action on climate change, Scott Morrison's Coalition government won the election of two days ago.

This was a surprise to most Australians, including the experts.

The Liberal/National coalition had help from the filthy-rich coal billionaire Clive Palmer and the shamelessly biased and pro-coal Murdoch media empire.

Palmer's party ran a candidate in every seat in what Palmer said following the election was a campaign aimed only at keeping Labor from winning government. The Palmer party didn't get any of its candidates elected, but may well have taken a lot of votes from Labor.

The election was largely won in Queensland where there were enough voters placing more importance on jobs in the coal industry than on the future of the planet to swing the balance of power to the COALition.

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Morrison government used taxpayers' money to help win the May 2019 election

In addition to the blatant Bridget McKenzie sports rorts affair (covered elsewhere on this page) there was also rorting associated with the federal government's drought funding.

The Yorke Peninsula Country Times of 2020/02/04 stated:

"It has been revealed Copper Coast Council should not have been eligible for its $2million of funding through the controversial Drought Communities Programme – Extension. The government awarded funding to CCC, and several other councils, despite them not meeting criteria relating to employment in the agriculture, forestry and fishery industries."
The criteria of the drought relief funding stated that councils must have at least 17 per cent of workers involved in agriculture, fishery or forestry industries to be eligible. Only eight per cent of the Copper Coast Council's residents are in those industries, yet it was granted $2 million dollars. This was not the government's money that was misused to help win the election, it was taxpayers' money.

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More rorts come to light

Jack Snape and Andrew Probyn wrote an article for the ABC earlier today (2020/02/07). Quoting from the article:
No guidelines. No tender process. No application form. Some recipients didn't know they'd even been given money until they read about it in the local paper.

And at $150 million, it's worth more than the scandal-plagued community sports grants program that cost the ministerial career of former Nationals deputy leader Bridget McKenzie.

Projects funded under the so-called Female Facilities and Water Safety Stream (FFWSS) were even more heavily skewed towards Coalition-held marginal seats than the controversial sports grants program it was meant to complement.

And rather than being a nationwide program aimed at encouraging women in sport – as Prime Minister Scott Morrison and then-sports minister Senator McKenzie claimed – the great majority of funding has been pledged towards swimming pools in just 11 Coalition-held seats.
It seems there will be no end to the corruption of the Morrison government.

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PM Morrison and Senator Cormann mislead parliament

SBS News carried an article dated 2020/02/14 describing how PM Morrison blatantly mislead parliament over the Bridget McKenzie rorts affair. It seems that both the PM and the Liberal's leader in the Senate, Mathias Cormann, have claimed that "No project that was funded was assessed as ineligible at the time the assessment was made". In fact, as reported by SBS:
"a Senate inquiry heard that nearly half the projects funded in the so-called sports rorts affairs were ineligible.

On Thursday, audit officials told a Senate inquiry that 43 per cent of projects funded under the Coalition's $100 million program were not eligible for funding".

This was at least the second time that PM Morrison has mislead parliament. He had to send a letter to the Speaker to amend incorrect comments that he made while defending his dishonest Energy Minister Angus Taylor back in November of 2019. For more information on this see the article written by Brett Worthington for the ABC.

PM Morrison and God
What would God think of PM Morrison damaging God's creation?

Prime Minister Morrison makes no secret of his Christian beliefs. How would God feel about the damage that PM Morrison is complicit in doing to God's creation through climate change and related problems. How could God be anything other than angry about the way that Morrison is treating God's creation?

Many of the world's religious leaders are demanding more action on climate change, they seem to think that God would want his creation to be protected.

But PM Morrison is not in a main-stream church, he's Pentecostal, so rational argument doesn't seem to apply.

Does PM Morrison see climate change damage as God's will?

Following his surprise election Morrison said that "miracles do happen". Perhaps he believes that it is God's plan to end 'Creation' and that he (Morrison) sees himself as one of God's chosen instruments to help bring about Armageddon.

What hope is there if any of our leaders think in ways like this and if the Australian people continue to elect such leaders?

The delusions of the man who will be in charge of our country for the next three years are terrifying

I'm shocked. I thought that we would have to deal with a man who was in the pocket of the mining industry but who would at least be amenable to reason. It's worse than that. His life is solidly founded in delusion. Read The Devil and Scott Morrison by James Boyce.

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Morrison opposes action on climate change


Farm profits fall 22% due to climate change

New study: changes in climate since 2000 have cut Australian farm profits 22%; 2019/12/17; article in The Conversation discussing a report from the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES).

No doubt if PM Morrison wasn't away on holiday (during some of the worst fires in Australia's history and a record-breaking heatwave, both also connected to climate change) he would be sending our farmers 'his thoughts and prayers'.


Morrison breaks collaboration commitment; March 2020

In an article in The Guardian, 2020/03/06, Adam Morton wrote that the Morrison government "will break a commitment to fund an international collaboration into what is required to shift to a zero emissions future."
In a piece of Orwellian double-think that Big Brother would be proud of PM Morrison called climate change activists selfish because they are pressuring businesses to be responsible. For Mr Morrison to call climate change activists selfish, when they are trying to make him and others look after the planet we all live on, is gross dishonesty.

PM Morrison's stance in looking after the fossil fuel industries at the expense of life on earth is criminal, selfish and extremely shortsighted. Most Australians want serious action on climate change and natural justice demands serious action on climate change, but Morrison is fighting against action. Morrison cannot see past trying to prop up the dying coal industry in return for more donations to the Liberal Party.

The ABC's political reporter Nour Haydar wrote a piece on 2019/11/01 headlined "Scott Morrison to slam environmental groups 'targeting' businesses with 'selfish' secondary boycotts".

PM Morrison's concern that so-called secondary boycotts (boycotting a company that supports polluting industries) may have serious consequences for the Australian economy should give heart to climate change activists; keep up the good work people, you are having an impact.

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Gross incompetence
The Morrison government can't even get corruption right

The Morrison government has continually and blatantly favoured fossil fuels over renewable energy at a time when the world must urgently reduce greenhouse emissions (I've written about the criminality of this on another page). But in spite of this there has been a huge growth in renewable energy installations all over Australia during the time that the Morrison government has been in power.

In the year 2018, in which the Morrison government came to power, less than 20% of Australia's electricity was generated renewably. In 2021 the figure was more than 32%. (See Open NEM.)

An article in RenewEconomy written by Michael Mazengarb headlined NSW flooded with $100bn in renewable and storage projects for Hunter renewable zone and dated 2022/02/16 is just another indication of the speed with which renewable energy installations are growing.

This section added

Last ditch scare campaign

In the last weeks before the May 18th 2019 election, which all the polling was predicting that the Morrison Government would lose, the COALition was running a shamelessly dishonest scare campaign.

They were claiming that Labor would wreak the economy (in their six years in government the Coalition had not had a single budget surplus), but perhaps their most dishonest claim was that Labor's renewable energy target of 50% by 2030 would be cripplingly expensive. South Australia went from near zero renewable energy in 2003 to over 50% by 2018 at practically no cost to the tax payers. Why shouldn't Australia be able to do something similar?

Not only could Labor's targets be reached at little cost to the taxpayers, but they would provide a boost to the economy and provide thousands of jobs. See the 2019 Clean Energy Australia Report by the Clean Energy Council.

Labor is also promising to reduce Australia’s pollution by 45 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030. While Labor's aims are less than is needed they are far better than the Coalition's energy/emissions/climate-change-action paralysis of the last six years.

The future of the planet and everybody's children and grandchildren is at stake.

Ministers in the Morrison Government

Clements Gap Wind Farm
A wind farm
Energy Minister Taylor is particularly opposed to wind power having notoriously, and very stupidly, called it 'gobsmackingly inefficient'.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

ScoMo first came to prominence when he took a lump of coal into the Australian parliament and made a big point of telling people it was nothing to be afraid of.

Perhaps PM Morrison's biggest lie is in claiming that fossil fuels, coal in particular, are the key to lowering power prices. The fact that renewables are now cheaper than new-build coal fired power stations has been given a huge amount of publicity recently from many sources. Just one is the very recent (at the time of my writing this) article by Steven Long on the ABC Web site, 2018/01/03, "The reality is new coal power is not the answer for cheaper electricity bills". Mr Long wrote:

"The tipping point's been reached: renewable energy is now a cheaper source of power for Australia's future electricity needs than coal."
Mr Long quoted the Australian Energy Market Operator:
"The lowest cost replacement for this retiring capacity [Australia's fleet of ageing coal fired power stations] and energy will be a portfolio of resources, including solar (28 gigawatts), wind (10.5 GW) and storage (17 GW and 90 GWh), complemented by 500 megawatts of flexible gas plant and transmission investment."
PM Morrison also continues the pretence that coal has a strong future. In fact it is a dying industry.

Environment Minister

Environment Minister Melissa Price, October 2018

Melissa Price showed that she was effectively bought and paid for by the fossil fuel industry following a report by the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change released on 2018/10/08. Giles Parkinson wrote a piece for RenewEconomy the following day covering the Morrison Government's "breathtakingly stupid response to IPCC climate report" in which the 'Environment Minister' featured strongly. It seems that Ms Price's credentials to call herself Environment Minister are as good, or bad, as those of Rupert Murdoch's man Graham Lloyd to call himself an Environment Reporter.

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Environment Minister Susan Ley, September 2021

A different Environment Minister but just as corrupt.

A "group of Aussie kids [...] took on the Federal Environment Minister, Sussan Ley, and secured a landmark court ruling that she has a duty of care to act reasonably and avoid causing kids like us personal injury and death while doing her job. But instead of accepting the court’s decision, the Minister decided to initiate a costly legal appeal!"

On a Chuffed site where the kids are asking for funding to fight the Minister's despicable and unethical legal appeal they wrote:

"This is a duty about life and death for Aussie kids like us. We must defend it. Our pocket money and part time jobs won’t be enough to defend this important legal decision. But we have people power on our side!

We're asking for your help. Will you join us by chipping in to fund the legal defence of our historic win?"
My wife and I chipped in $100 toward the kids very justified fight.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor

I will not write much about Mr Taylor on this page, I have another page dedicated to the man. I would think that he would have to be the most biased and dishonest Australian Energy Minister ever.

There seems very little doubt that he serves the fossil fuel industry rather than the Australian people. This is perhaps most clearly shown in his proposal to prop up ageing and inefficient coal-fired power stations at the expense of Australian electricity users while continually playing down the value of renewable energy.

He is shamelessly willing to try to take the credit for Australia's reducing emissions even though he has continually opposed renewables. He has been especially strident in his opposition to wind power which he has claimed to be 'gobsmackingly inefficient' when it can easily be shown that they are highly efficient.

Natural Disasters Minister Littleproud

Natural Disasters Minister David Littleproud had the lead position on ABC's Media Watch of 2019/09/16.


Littleproud again

Minister Littleproud also tried to force the Morrison Government's abysmal ethical standards onto the ANZ bank in November 2020.
Quoting from the Media Watch transcript:

"DAVID SPEERS: You say climate’s changing and that’s certainly true. The question is, is this man-made climate change?

DAVID LITTLEPROUD: I’ve got no idea, but does it really matter? I ...

DAVID SPEERS: Sorry, you have no idea whether ...

DAVID LITTLEPROUD: I’m not a scientist. I haven’t made an opinion one way or another, but I don’t think it really matters. I think ...

DAVID SPEERS: Sorry, just to be clear on this, you’re not sure whether man-made climate change is real?

- Speers, Sky News, 10 September, 2019
Can this Australian minister in the Morrison Government really so stupid? He doesn't know that climate change is man made? He doesn't think it matters whether or not it is man made?

Again quoting the Media Watch transcript, two days later, Minister Littleproud said in Parliament:

"Let me make it clear: I accept the science on man-made impact on climate change. Always have."
Is the man a shameless liar, is he hopelessly confused, or just stupid? What does he believe? What has my country come to, to have a federal minister like this?

Josh Frydenberg expresses his hatred of renewable energy by defying everyone, and good sense, to block two wind turbines

While he was Environment Minister, in 2017, Josh Frydenberg went against the advice of his own department, against the wishes of the people of Lord Howe Island, against the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), against economical good sense, and against the environmental imperatives, to block the construction of two wind turbines on the island, condemning the people to stay with expensive and polluting diesel generation. Just because he, and the government he is a part of, hate renewable energy. Monstrous!

For more information refer to the article in The Guardian by Anne Davies dated 2019/09/18.

The Great Barrier Reef
and the Great Barrier Reef Special Envoy, Warren Entsch

This section added
Expanded 2021/02/03
Rosemary Bolger and Nick Baker reported for SBS in late May 2019 that newly appointed Special Envoy for the Great Barrier Reef Warren Entsch has claimed that "the reef didn't need saving" and refused to accept that climate change was the greatest threat to the reef.

This is totally at odds with what the world's climate scientists are telling us. The government's own Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is telling us that

"Climate change is the greatest threat to the Great Barrier Reef and coral reefs worldwide".
"The Great Barrier Reef is already experiencing the consequences of climate change. The cumulative impacts of recent coral bleaching events and multiple severe tropical cyclones since 2005 have caused an unprecedented decline in the health of the Reef."

Entsch went on to complain about adults "coaching" young people who quite rightly expressed deep concern for their, and the planet's, future. He said of the adults "They're frightening the living hell out of kids. It's like child abuse and I think they should be held accountable". If there was any justice in this world people like Warren Entsch would be held accountable.

This government seems hell-bent on destroying the future that these kids will live through.

Chief of staff John Kunkel

Prime minister Scott Morisson's chief of staff is John Kunkel, the former deputy CEO of the Minerals Council of Australia, one of the main coal lobbying groups. This is typical of the close connections between the Morrison government and the fossil fuel industry.

This section added

Bridget McKenzie

Bridget McKenzie, Sports Minister at the time, handed out $100 million dollars of taxpayers money as grants to sporting organisations just before the election on May 2019. A report by the Auditor General heavily criticised the way that these grants were handed out, as documented by Jack Snape on the ABC. The Auditor General said in his report:

Total denial! 2020/02/03

Printed in the Adelaide Advertiser: "... the inquiry by Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Secretary Phillip Gaetjens, formerly Mr Morrison's chief-of-staff before be became one of the nations's top public servants, found no evidence of pork-barrelling". (My emphasis.)

This is obviously a blatant lie. It is, on its own, quite enough to demonstrate the complete lack of ethical standards in the Morrison government.

"The award of funding reflected the approach documented by the minister's office of focusing on 'marginal' electorates held by the Coalition as well as those electorates held by other parties or independent members that were to be 'targeted' by the Coalition at the 2019 election...

Applications from projects located in those electorates were more successful in being awarded funding than if funding was allocated on the basis of merit assessed against the published program guidelines."
As of the time of writing Prime Minister Morrison has not condemned any of Ms KcKenzie's actions. He has said repeatedly things like 'no law has been broken' and he and Ms McKenzie have said 'all the recipients were eligible'.

Shortly before I wrote this section the PM has called for an examination to see if there has been any "breach of ministerial standards". One could only conclude that if this has not breached ministerial standards then those standards must be very lax.

Whether or not anything illegal was done or whether the ministerial standards have been breached, there can be no doubt at all that the actions of Ms McKenzie were unethical, but the Morrison government seems to place little, if any, weight on ethical standards.


The people of Beijing are reminded of what a clear sky looks like
Beijing smog
Much of the smog is due to the burning of coal
Attribution "Feng Li/Getty Images"
In a world in which government ministers were held properly to account, PM Scott Morrison, Environment Minister Melissa Price and Energy Minister Angus Taylor would all be tried and convicted of a crime against humanity and against the biosphere. What crime can there be greater than for a person in a position of power to knowingly lie in order to support actions that will damage the planet for all future generations of humans and for all life on earth?

By their lies and actions they are worsening climate change, ocean acidification, sea level rise and ocean warming.

Their actions will not even have an economic advantage, there can be no doubt that renewable energy is cheaper than new-build coal. The only groups to win (and then only in the short term) if the Morrison Government slows renewables development and encourages coal will be the coal industry and their puppets in government.

Australia and the world will suffer, economically and environmentally. Australia's future is with the renewable energy industry, not with polluting coal.

A life choice

We all have a choice in what we do with our lives. Why would anyone choose to take a course in their lives that would earn them the disgust and condemnation of future generations as these people have done? Do they believe that the short term benefits to them are sufficient to justify going down in history as the worst of criminals? Or do they simply not see the big picture?

Rats leaving the sinking ship

Probably unprecedented in Australia political history at the beginning of March 2019 seven ministers or former ministers had announced, or were expected to announce, that they intended to resign from Parliament at the coming election due in May. They were:
  • Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne;
  • Indigenous Affaires Minister Nigel Scullion;
  • Jobs Minister Kelly O'Dwyer;
  • Human Services Minister Michael Keenan;
  • Former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.
Defence Industry Minister Steven Ciobo and Small Business Minister Craig Laundy were also expected to announce their departure.

It would seem likely that these people were motivated by one or a combination of the following reasons:

  1. They were fed-up with the culture in the Parliamentary Liberal Party;
  2. They could see no future for themselves if they remained with the Parliamentary Liberal Party;
  3. They had had enough of the in-fighting in the Parliamentary Liberal Party;
  4. They had had enough of the failure of the Parliamentary Liberal Party to act in any way decisively on greenhouse emissions or climate change;
  5. They could see that the Liberal-National coalition was very likely to lose the coming election and they didn't want to serve one, or probably more, terms in opposition;
  6. They simply saw that their future prospects would be improved by terminating their parliamentary careers.
It would be nice to be able to believe that number four was the main reason for the resignations, but to credit major party politicians with altruistic, rather than selfish, motivations would be hard to justify.

The Morrison Government is out of touch with the Australian people, out of touch with reality, shamelessly dishonest and doing its best to stop Australia from grasping huge economic opportunities.

What do the Australian people want?

A Lowy Institute poll carried out on 1,200 Australian adults on 2018/06/20 showed that 84% of Australians wanted the government to "focus on renewables, even if this means we may need to invest more in infrastructure to make the system more reliable".


December 2018

The Morrison Government reached a new level of self-delusion. A press release from Energy Minister Angus Taylor foresaw "no further investment in large scale renewables, and no more significant emissions cuts – from 2022 all the way through to 2030", should it stay in power.

At the time of writing this note wind farms and utility-scale solar farms were being built at record rates and both wind and solar power were as cheap, or almost as cheap, as power from existing coal-fired power stations and substantially cheaper than new-build coal, and their cost was steadily falling. By 2022 renewables will be replacing old coal-fired power stations hand-over-hand purely for economic reasons.

The ABC reported NSW (Coalition government) Energy Minister Don Harwin saying after the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting of December 2018 "it's absolutely imperative that we end the Canberra climate wars, it's absolutely imperative that we get a sensible national approach which brings climate and energy policy together". The Queensland energy minister said that "we were completely blocked by Angus Taylor", "every state was in unison regarding climate change policy".

A poll of the people in Energy Minister Taylor's electorate showed that almost twice as many wanted to see Australia decrease its emissions faster, rather than slower.

Blind Freddy could see that there is no future in the coal industry and that Australia's energy future is in renewables but the Morrison Government is trying to deny this great opportunity to Australia.

Plainly the Australian people want renewable energy, not more coal power.
Plainly the Australian people want action on climate change.
Plainly the world's and Australia's future is with renewable energy not fossil fuels.

By the time of writing it was clear that renewable energy in the forms of wind and solar PV was cheaper than new-built coal-fired power. As decarbonisation becomes more urgent any coal-fired power station is likely to have a short life, further eroding its financial justification. No company is interested in building a coal-fired power station, it would simply be incapable of competing economically with renewables. The only way a new coal-fired power station will be built in Australia is with heavy subsidisation from the Australian tax-payers, and they plainly do not want it.

Has there ever been a federal government more out of touch with what the Australian people want, what is best for Australia and what the world needs?

I've written about who wants renewable energy? elsewhere on this site.

Nyngan solar farm
Solar farm
At the time of my visit, April 2017, this was the biggest solar farm in Australia, at 102MW.

The potential for economic growth in the energy sector is with renewables, not fossil fuels

The world outside of the Australian government recognises that renewable energy is the future, fossil fuels are the past.

I've written below of just one renewable energy project that has huge economic potential that, if the Morrison Government had its way, would probably not go ahead. Fortunately, like so many other renewable energy developments, it seems likely to happen in spite of the best efforts of the federal government to halt progress.

This section added

(Federal Liberal) Treasurer Scott Morrison (later to become Prime Minister) makes a fool of himself


Hornsdale Power Reserve expansion, November 2019

Nick Toscano wrote an article in the Sydney Morning Herald on 2019/11/19 about Neoen's proposed 50 per cent expansion of the Hornsdale Power Reserve battery.

Toscano wrote:

South Australian Energy Minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan said the battery was continuing to "break new ground".

"As South Australia continues to increase its share of renewable energy generation, large-scale storage solutions such as grid-scale batteries will help address some of the key challenges impacting South Australia’s power system, such as energy reliability and inertia," he said.
The 'big battery' has been a huge financial and energy success and is appreciated as such by the (Liberal) South Australian government.

The Hornsdale Power Reserve has been a huge and very valuable success in stabilising the Australian power grid

When the Tesla 'big battery' (more properly the Hornsdale Power Reserve) was first proposed Scott Morrison was reported in The Daily Telegraph as having said that Mr Musk’s bid to build the world’s largest lithium ion battery wouldn’t solve any energy problems because its capacity is so small. He said:
“By all means, have the world’s biggest battery, have the world’s biggest banana, have the world’s biggest prawn like we have on the roadside around the country, but that is not solving the problem,”
Morrison said Tesla boss Mr Musk was clearly very good at promotion. “I think he saw [South Australian Labor Premier] Jay Weatherill coming.”

What he demonstrated with this statement was his shameful and criminal devotion to the fossil fuel industry and his contempt for the truth and ethical standards.

Update February 2020

Energy consultant Auracon produced a report indicating that the amount of money Hornsdale Power Reserve saved consumers in 2019 jumped to $116 million, from $40 million in 2018. An article on the report by Renew Economy stated that the total investment for the battery was $96 million.

This section added

Huge opportunities for economic development thrown away

Australia has wind and solar renewable energy resources that are well up among the best in the world.

South Australia has shown very well that wind power can provide about half of an electricity supply with minimal changes to a power grid. The nation is seeing that solar PV power can also generate substantial percentages of the electricity that the Australian people want and need. At the time of writing utility-scale solar PV power installations are being built at a great rate.


German ambassador's visit

On 2019/02/26 Shannon Beattie wrote an article in the West Australian about the German Ambassador, Dr Anna Prinz, who visited Karratha to learn about the hydrogen-producing potential of the Pilbara region. She intends to visit again.
In the Pilbara the Asian Renewable Energy Hub project, backed by the Macquarie Group and with a value of $22 billion, has been proposed with the intention of exporting electricity by undersea cable to Java and possibly Singapore.


At the time of writing there are a number of pilot projects around Australia testing the economic viability of using our abundant renewable energy to produce clean hydrogen. Hydrogen can be exported as a gas or it can easily be converted into ammonia which can be exported or used for many purposes including the production of fertilisers; and ammonia can be converted back into hydrogen after exporting, if required. There seems to be strong optimism in the energy industry that if clean hydrogen is not yet economically very competitive it soon will be.

Again at the time of writing, Energy Minister Angus Taylor, who seems to have an ideological hatred of wind power, was holding up a feasibility study for what could be Australia's first off-shore wind farm, The Star of the South.

As discussed elsewhere in these pages coal is no longer needed for producing heat for things like generating electricity, renewable energy is not only much cleaner, but it is also cheaper.

This section added

Metallurgical hydrogen

It is now becoming clear that renewable energy can also be used for metallurgical purposes. Coke, made from high-grade coal (usually called coking coal or metallurgical coal), has long been used for smelting ores and making steel, but its replacement with hydrogen is not only possible, it is becoming economically viable. And hydrogen can be extracted from water using renewable energy.

Iron, steel and other metals can now be made without using fossil fuels.

This has been discussed in an article published in The Conversation on 2020/02/27 written be Dominique Hes of the University of Melbourne.

Those companies and nations that are earliest to fully develop and implement the technologies involved will have a competitive advantage over those that stay with coal.

This section added
Updated 2021/04/17

No support for Flinders University Covid-19 vaccine research

While the Morrison Government continues to support Flinders University research into a possible and tenuous link between wind turbines and some people possibly losing some sleep they are not funding promising research at the same university going into human trials of a promising Covid-19 vaccine.


AstraZeneca limited to over 50s; still no support for Petrovsky's research; update 2021/04/17

As of the mid April 2021 three cases of blood clotting, including one fatality, had been linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine. Consequently the official advise is that people younger than 50 should be given some other vaccine.

It must be stressed that the blood clotting problem in association with the AstraZeneca vaccine is extremely rare, on average one case in 300,000 vaccinations in Australia and about one in 250,000 overseas.

Heidi Ledford wrote an article for Nature, published 2021/04/16, stating the related concerns with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine which has similarities.

For more information on the rare blood-clotting problem in Australia see the Guardian article by Michael McGowan of 2021/04/17.

Still there is no indication of the Morrison government supporting Petrovsky's vaccine research.

It seems that the Morrison Government will support anything that may conceivably put renewable energy in a bad light, but are not willing to invest in the development of a vaccine to protect against a pandemic that has killed millions. Our federal government has put five million dollars into the wind farm noise study, billions into keeping the economy going during the COVID pandemic, but are not willing to support this important research.

A Current Affair posted an article on 2021/04/17 raising the question of the Morrison Government's continued failure to fund the research by Professor Nikolai Petrovsky at Flinders University. Professor Petrovsky was quoted as saying:

"We've had no support from the federal government to date in any of our program," Professor Petrovsky told A Current Affair. "We've obviously asked for it but we haven't received anything,"
The article went on to say that Professor Petrovsky would take the phase two trials to Pakistan.

More on Petrovsky, his vaccine research, and the lack of funding, can be read in an ABC article titled "Coronavirus vaccine developer urges federal funding for 'promising' candidate after UQ failure" and dated 2020/12/11. Petrovsky was quoted as saying:

"We've never really got an answer as to why we're not getting supported better from the federal Health Department."
In the ABC article it is mentioned that phase three trials were expected to take place early in 2021.

A run-down on vaccines in development in Australia is given in an RMIT 'Vaccine progress report'.

The Morrison Government has turned its back on these current and future industries because they don't involve coal.

Wind, solar and energy storage in one form or another are plainly the future of the nation, but the Morrison Government can't see beyond coal, coal and more coal.

With any new industry the advantage is with the early adopters; the Morrison Government has not provided any support for the development of these innovative projects, thus allowing Australia's competitors a head start.

An era when Australia dared to have a vision

An endorsement by Thomas Keneally of the book The Snowy: a History by Siobhan McHugh:
“You should read this tale of an era when Australia dared to have a vision”.
In 2019 no one could accuse the Morrison government of “having a vision”. When we could be leading the world in renewable energy, instead we are leading the world in clinging to old ways that everyone knows must go as soon as possible - coal in particular.

By the way, the book is a good read.

A decade of transition in the Australian electricity sector

Change in terawatt-hours generated in the National Electricity Market between 2008 and 2018.
Image credit: Simon Holmes à Court, The Guardian
The graph on the right records the change in Australia's energy mix in the decade from 2008 to 2018.

In spite of the best efforts of the recent coalition governments, from the Abbott Government starting in September 2013 to the MorrisonGov.html, doing all they can to support the coal industry and slow the growth of sustainable energy, renewables have made great inroads into power generation in Australia.

Quoting Simon Holmes à Court in the Guardian article that published the graph:

"Highly polluting brown coal use is down 36.6% and black coal (still dirty!) has fallen 9.4%, mostly replaced by wind and solar."
At the time of writing it was looking like the rate of renewable energy installation and coal power station retirement was only going to increase.

These governments have been nothing short of criminal in their opposition to action on climate change, but fortunately they have been notably ineffectual in their efforts to stop the transition to renewable energy.

We need a federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)

After having promised a federal Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) the Morrison government has failed to deliver. Just as the Turnbull government opposed a royal commission into the financial industries the Morrison government has failed to set up a federal ICAC.

PM Turnbull was forced into allowing a royal commission into the financial industries and it uncovered a huge amount of exploitative, even criminal, behaviour.

I suspect that a federal ICAC would unearth just as much sculduggery as did the royal commission on the financial industries. Of course Scomo doesn't want an ICAC, it would uncover his misdeeds and those of others in or close to government.

For more information see The Chaser.

Cynical wastefulness

Sundrop Farms – the 40 MW solar thermal installation that powers a huge greenhouses at Port Augusta
Sundrop Farms solar
If Scomo really wanted to do some good for reducing emissions he would make sure that the proposed Aurora Solar Reserve solar thermal power station with energy storage project went ahead at Port Augusta.
Photo taken by my drone 2016/03/14
In what appears to be a desperate last-ditch attempt to gain some emissions reduction credibility PM Morrison has proposed a scheme that is breathtaking in its cynicism, shocking in its wastefulness, useless in its effects on emissions, shameful in its failure to grasp clearly visible opportunities and criminal in its betrayal of future generations.

The Emissions Reduction Fund renamed as the Climate Solutions Fund

Ian A. MacKenzie, Senior Lecturer in Economics with the University of Queensland wrote a piece for The Conversation on 2019/02/26 titled "The government’s $2bn climate fund: a rebadged rehash of old mistakes".
"The government has put a new name on an existing scheme, while steadfastly refusing to learn from mistakes made along the way. In cruder terms, it’s slapped a gleaming coat of lipstick onto a pig of a policy."

Giving money supposedly aimed at reducing emissions to companies so that they can burn more fossil fuels

Paying a foreign-owned company to burn gas

Adam Morton wrote a piece in The Guardian, 2019/02/25, titled "Emissions reduction fund to pay for fossil fuel plant that would be built anyway".

As part of their Emissions Reduction Fund (rebadged a "Climate Solutions" fund) the Morrison Government announced that it was giving a million dollars of taxpayers' money to South African-owned gold miner Gold Fields to pay for a gas turbine powered electricity generator.

The gold miner stated that they would have built the gas turbine anyway.

If the Morrison Government really wanted to reduce emissions or find climate solutions they would have encouraged Gold Fields to build a solar farm or wind farm rather than installing a gas turbine.

Paying Rio Tinto to burn diesel

In an article by the Australian Conservation Foundation the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Kelly O’Shanassy, said:
“Rio Tinto is one of the world’s largest companies. It is disturbing that it will receive what looks to amount to several million dollars from government climate change programs to switch from burning one fossil fuel to another."
To make matters even worse, Adam Morton wrote for The Guardian, 2019/02/26, that the generator had already been commissioned before the Climate Solutions fund opened.

The Morrison Government is blocking a project that will cost the taxpayers nothing but will reduce emissions by about five million tonnes annually.

At the same time as PM Morrison announced his Climate Solutions Fund, Energy Minister Angus Taylor, who has justifiably been accused of having a "blind hatred toward renewable energy", was blocking progress on a feasibility study for Australia's first offshore wind farm, the Star of the South offshore wind farm in Bass Strait.

I have written about Minister Taylor and his hatred of wind power in particular on another page on this site.


I have argued elsewhere on these pages that for a person in a position of power to knowingly lie in order to slow action on climate change has to be the greatest crime in the history of humanity. Surely PM Morrison's and Energy Minister Taylor's actions would have to be condemned as criminal.

Just one project is sufficient to demonstrate the stupidity (or corruption) of the Morrison Government

The Morrison Government sees the future as being black; all about coal, fossil fuels generally, uncontrolled climate change, ocean acidification, air pollution, the loss of thousands of species and the Great Barrier Reef and great damage to the world that our children and grandchildren will inherit from us.

Others, such as British Billionaire Sanjeev Gupta (who is investing $1 billion in renewable energy in Australia), famous investor Warren Buffet (who has invested $1 billion in renewables) and Macquarie Bank (which has invested more than $20 billion in green energy globally) and who are backing the proposed $22 billion Asian Renewable Energy Hub can see that the future is green, sustainable and clean.

Peter Williams wrote a piece for the West Australian on 2018/10/08 about the Asian Renewable Energy Hub (AREH). Its scale is truely breathtaking:

  • A total installed capacity of 11 GW+ (average electricity consumption for the whole of NSW on the national grid is about 8 GW);
  • More than 1400 wind turbines, more than 7.5 GW (more than ten times the size of the largest existing wind farm in Australia);
  • More than 3.5 GW of solar generation (more than ten times the size of the biggest solar farm currently in Australia).
The Morrison government, corrupted by the influence of the fossil fuel industry, would deny Australia projects such as this. The AREH Web site mentions that "the Governments of Indonesia, Singapore and Western Australia have been engaged", but significantly not the Morrison government of Australia.

Incredibly, Australia's Energy Minister Angus Taylor is on record as saying that wind turbines are "gobsmackingly inefficient". This is an indication of the depth of idiocy to which our federal government has sunk!

Fair dinkum power

Prime Minister Scot Morrison was talking to shock jock Alan Jones and said that he wanted 'dispatchable power'. Jones told the PM not to use that term because "people don't know what it means". In response to Jones, the PM said "real power, fair dinkum power". And from then on PM Morrison and his Energy Minister Angus Taylor have been using the 'fair dinkum power' catch phrase ad-nauseam. (See Media Watch, 2018/10/29.)


Coal power stations have been unreliable

Contrary to the claims made by PM Morrison and the rest of the coal lobby the record shows that coal fired power stations are not reliable.
On average there was one break down every three days in an Australian coal fired power station during 2018; with the misleadingly named HELE (in truth neither High-Efficiency nor Low-Emissions) power stations failing more often than older black-coal fired stations.
Has this clarified anything? I doubt it.

In any case, PM Morrison seems to be under the misunderstanding that coal power is dispatchable, of course it is not. Coal power is base load, that is, coal power is suited for providing electricity at a steady rate; dispatchable power is, as the name suggests, capable of being dispatched as required.

PM Morrison likes to make statements implying that coal-fired power stations are available all the time; ignoring the fact that they are typically unavailable about 15% of the time due to maintenance or breakdown.

Victorian election of November 2018

The Labor Daniel Andrews Victorian Government faced an election on 2018/11/24. Most predictions were that the result would be close but would probably go to Labor.

What actually resulted was a Labor landslide; very unusually there was a huge 4.8% swing toward the Government; if there are big swings they are more often than not against a sitting government. The morning after the election it was looking like Labor would get 55 seats in the 88-seat Lower House.

No one was in any doubt that federal politics had a big influence on the Victorian result; the policies of the Morrison Government had a lot to do with this devastation of the Victorian Liberal/National coalition.

What do the Australian people want?

Peterborough Solar Farm
Peterborough Solar Farm
Photo taken with my drone, 2018/05/12
A Lowy Institute poll carried out on 1,200 Australian adults on 2018/06/20 showed that 84% of Australians wanted the government to "focus on renewables, even if this means we may need to invest more in infrastructure to make the system more reliable".

A poll of the people in the Morrison Government's Energy Minister Angus Taylor's electorate showed that almost twice as many wanted to see Australia decrease its emissions faster, rather than slower.

A poll carried out by a local newspaper concerning a proposed energy park (wind, solar, storage) near my house indicated 83% support for the project.

Blind Freddy could see that there is no future in the coal industry and that Australia's energy future is in renewables but PM Morrison and Minister Taylor is trying to deny this great opportunity to Australia.

Plainly the Australian people want renewable energy, not more coal power.
Plainly the Australian people want action on climate change.
Plainly Mr Taylor is out of touch with what the people in his electorate want.
Plainly the world's and Australia's future is with renewable energy not fossil fuels.

Has there ever been a federal government more out of touch with what the Australian people want, what is best for Australia and what the world needs?

I've written about how I see Australia's energy future and who wants renewable energy elsewhere on this site.

This section edited 2019/03/06

Arms spending: Under the Morrison Government Australia has become unjustifiably militaristic



The arms business is notoriously dirty and unethical. When a nation exports arms for sale they lose all control over what those arms are used for; often they are used in dirty wars, such as that between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
When a nation spends more money than necessary on armaments there is less money available for looking after the people of that nation. North Korea is the classic example of this, its military is given huge amounts of money while most of its development is vary backward and many of it people live in poverty. The USA, too, spends enormous amounts of money on arms while the US people suffer.

Another problem is that any nation that spends more money than can be reasonably justified on armaments causes mistrust among it neighbours. They wonder whether aggression is being seriously considered.

At the time I wrote this section of this page Australia faced no more credible outside threats than most other nations.

While it ranked 53rd in population among the world's nations Forbs ranked it 12th in arms spending. Among the 15 nations with the highest arms spending there were only four that spent more per capita on arms than Australia: in order of decreasing per capita arms spending these were the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the USA.

Money that is spent on armaments is not available for education, health, emissions reduction, infrastructure, welfare and many other desirable services. The quality of life of the nation's people is degraded unnecessarily.


This section added
As stated in Wikipedia AUKUS "is a trilateral security partnership for the Indo-Pacific region between Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States". It is a deal that the Morrison Government committed Australia too.

Under the AUKUS agreement Australia is to buy nuclear powered submarines from the USA and the UK and, eventually, build some in Adelaide. The cost will be enormous, hundreds of billions of dollars, and it looks like we will not have any of the submarines for a decade or more. (It has recently been reported that submarine construction in the USA is three years behind schedule.)

A very bad investment

Already we are seeing drones play an important part in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Robotic or remotely controlled weapons will become increasingly important in the future. Unmanned weapons are enormously cheaper to build and deploy than manned submarines (especially nuclear powered submarines) and aircraft, and they are much more expendable.

We are seeing robots do amazing things in space exploration, we will see them become steadily more capable in warfare.

It is quite possible that AUKUS will prove to be the greatest blunder in military spending in Australia's history.

And there's the long term costs

At the end of their lives nuclear powered ships and submarines are very difficult to dismantle and dispose of safely. So much so that they are, I believe at present, largely being left to rust away in some out of the way waterways in the USA and Russia.

This section added

Refugee invasion scare

In mid February 2019 a bill passed through both houses of Australian parliament allowing "asylum seekers to be transferred to Australia [from offshore detention centres] for medical attention if two doctors say they need it, unless the Home Affairs Minister rejects it on security concerns (ABC)."

While this bill sounds perfectly reasonable to most people, it was very important because it passed in spite of being opposed by the Morrison Government. "It's the first time in 90 years that a sitting government has lost a vote on its own legislation" (The Guardian).

Following the historical defeat in parliament PM Morrison immediately started a scare campaign foreshadowing an invasion by refugees organised by people-smugglers.

It would suit the Morrison Government very well if a couple of boat-loads of refugees were to turn up on an Australian shore.

Considering the total lack of ethical standards shown by the Morrison Government (and partly documented on this page) we should not be surprised if they or there supporters were to pay people smugglers to ship some refugees to Australia.

This section added


Sediment in Crystal Brook following the Bangor fire
Ash in creek
The Bangor fire was finally extinguished by 60 mm of rain. At Crystal Brook, where this photo was taken, many kilometres downstream of the burned land, the ash and silt (grey in this photo) was conspicuous.
Photo 2014/02/15
Scientists tell us, and recent experience has shown us, that with climate change bushfires will become more and more frequent and fierce. The Morrison Government's refusal to take climate change seriously will be a disaster for Australia through property loss and the damage inflicted on environments and soils through bushfires.

From an article in Scientific American, June 2011.

"If climate change drives temperature up a degree or two," goes the common dismissal, "how bad could that be?"

Here's an example: Higher temperatures draw moisture out of live and dead trees and brush, making them more flammable. The heat also can alter precipitation ... lengthening the fire season. A one degree Celsius climb in average global temperature could cause the median area burned annually by wildfires in parts of the American West to increase up to sixfold.
A one degree rise in temperatures could occur well before 2050.

If global warming will make the US forests more flammable, it will do the same thing in Australia.

Bangor fire, South Australia, 2014

The Bangor fire, near my home in Crystal Brook, burned largely in steep inaccessible country for a month before being extinguished by heavy rains. The rain on the soil left totally bare by the fires caused terrible erosion.

The photo on the right is of debris including soil and ash left in the Crystal Brook in the town of the same name. The upper parts of the Crystal Brook catchment were burned in the Bangor fire.

The native vegetation will recover to a large extent in a few years following a fire like this, but the soil will take hundreds or thousands of years to be replaced.

Increased frequency and ferocity of fires will be disastrous for Australia's fragile soils.

This section added

Bushfires and dust of late 2019 – early 2020

Smoke plume between Australia and New Zealand
Smoke plume
The brown area to the southeast of Australia is a smoke plume being blown across the Tasman sea from the exceptional fires in New South Wales.
There were unprecedented bushfires in Australia and by 2020/01/02 more than 1200 houses had been burned in New South Wales alone. The fires were probably worst in NSW, but were also bad in Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia. (The Eyre Highway had been closed due to fires in the Western Australian gold-fields region and, at the time of writing, were expected to remain closed for at least another five days.)

While the fires were not directly caused by climate change the conditions that lead to the fires were certainly made far more likely due to climate change. Australia had been suffering from drought for several years; this, like the fires, was likely linked to climate change. The drought also made the fires worse than they would otherwise have been because the land being burned was exceptionally dry.

Smoke levels in Sydney in particular were high enough to be hazardous to health; they were also high in Melbourne and Canberra for weeks. As can be seen in the satellite photo on the right the smoke plume was blowing right across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand; smoke from Australia's bushfires was also reported in South America.

Luke Henriques-Gomes wrote an article about the fires in The Guardian dated 2019/12/31. Many others were available on the Internet.

At the time of writing more catastrophic fire danger weather was being forecast for 2020/01/04 in NSW.

Dust too

Together with the smoke that was blowing across the Tasman Sea was enough dust to colour New Zealand's glaciers as reported for the ABC by Stefanie Garber on 2019/12/06. This was perhaps more as a result of the drought than the fires, but of course both drought and fires were made much more likely by the climate change that the Morrison Government was failing to act on.

Smoke the biggest killer

This section added
January 2020
Nancy Cushing, associate professor at the University of Newcastle, wrote a piece for The Conversation on 2020/01/13 headlined "Even for an air pollution historian like me, these past weeks have been a shock". She wrote of the air pollution from the smoke of the last couple of months:
"the terrible air quality is unmatched in terms of severity, duration and extent."
I suggest reading her article for more information on the extent of the problem.

This note added 2020/05/27
An article written for the ABC by Georgia Hitch on 2020/05/26 reported that the royal commission set up to look into the Australian bushfires of the 2019/20 summer was informed that smoke killed nearly 450 people.

The Morrison Government, with their refusal to take emissions reductions seriously, must accept a share of the responsibility for this and similar fire disasters around the world exacerbated by climate change.

Sea level rise threat to Pacific islands

I write this section in August 2019, just after the Pacific Islands Forum on climate change and its threats to the Pacific Islands held in Tuvalu. At this forum PM Morrison refused to do anything to reduce Australia's huge greenhouse gas emissions, condemning the lower lying of the Pacific Islands to being overrun by rising sea levels.

An article written in The Guardian by Lisa Cox was headlined "Morrison’s ‘arrogance’ on climate blasted as Australia accused of ‘trying to destroy’ Pacific islands".

A former President of Kiribati summed up PM Morrison's attitude to inaction on the reduction of greenhouse emissions with the question:

“How can you justify being part of a family [the Pacific family] and part of a group which you’re trying to destroy?”
I note with disgust that prominent Labor spokesperson Senator Penny Wong said that she would not want to see Australia commit to phasing out its coal industry either.

GetUp attacked by Morrison government

In or about early 2019 opponents of renewable energy, including the fossil fuel lobby developed the shamelessly dishonest Internet site Rite-On to weaken GetUp. By mid year Rite-On seemed to have failed.

So in August 2019, no doubt with the full approval of the fossil fuel lobby, PM Morrison announced another attack on the pro-rights and pro-renewable energy group.

On 2019/08/20 Krystian Seibert wrote a piece for The Conversation titled "Yes, GetUp fights for progressive causes, but it is not a political party – and is not beholden to one". The Conversation is a reliable source of information.

Morrison Government refuses to cooperate with Ruby Princess inquiry

This section added
Many of Australia's Covid-19 cases in the first outbreak came when infected passengers were able to freely leave the Ruby Princess cruise ship. A NSW government inquiry reported in August 2020.

Quoting from an article in The Conversation, 2020/08/14 by Michelle Grattan:

"... the federal government was sharply criticised for refusing to allow an official to appear before the inquiry, with commissioner Bret Walker SC saying this belied Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s promise of full cooperation."
Australia is supposed to be a democracy run by a democratic government. You'd hardly know it with Morrison in the Prime Minister's position.

The only nation in the OECD lacking fuel efficiency standards

This section added
Electric vehicle sales in Australia have been much slower than in most other developed nations. This is at least partly because, as reported in The Guardian, "Australia remains the only country in the OECD not to have fuel efficiency standards for CO2". The article also stated that EV sales were slow in Australia due to a "lack of government EV and climate policies".

As mentioned elsewhere on this page the Morrison government is corruptly subservient to the fossil fuel industry. They don't want to do anything that might result in reduced fuel sales.

Big business and the super rich to the rescue? While the Morrison government is trying to hold back renewable energy development, billionaires are embracing it.

This section added
Alice Klein asked in New Scientist on 2022/02/22, "Can a tech billionaire squash Australia’s coal industry by buying it?"

She goes on to write about Billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes attempts to buy Australia's big coal fired power generation companies so that he can convert them to renewables.

Another example is Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest's investments in wind and solar projects and renewable, 'green', hydrogen. Forrest's Fortescue Future Industries company plans, among other things, to supply green hydrogen to Germany.

Big business is working toward exporting renewable energy from the Northern Territory and northern Western Australia to Southeast Asia, particularly Singapore.

Where the Morrison government is failing to act, big business is stepping in.

Election campaign 2022

PM Morrison announced the date for the 2022 election on 2022/04/11. It will be held on 2022/05/21.

Morrison lies about preventing COVID deaths in Australia

This section added
Simon Eckermann, professor of Health Economics, University of Wollongong wrote an article for The Conversation that was published on 2022/04/12 headlined "Did the Morrison government really prevent 40,000 COVID deaths? A health economist checks claims against facts".

PM Morrison's claim was based on a comparison with predominantly northern hemisphere countries whose situation was quite different. Professor Eckermann wrote that a much fairer comparison would be with New Zealand:

"By September 15 2021, COVID case rates in Australia were almost four-fold that of NZ (3,038 versus 796 cases per million) with more than eight times the death rate (43 versus 5 five per million)..."
Read the article for more evidence that the PM's claim was quite false.

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RenewEconomy, Lip service and lies: Coalition’s response to the IPCC report; written by Joshua S Hill, 2018/10/12.

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Xihhua is one of many news organisations that have reported on British billionaire Sanjeev Gupta's statement that he can show that renewable are cheaper than coal for electricity generation.

The Conversation factcheck, 2017/08/14, concluded that while power from existing coal-fired power stations is cheaper than new-built wind power, "as things stand today – wind power would be cheaper than coal as a new-build source of electricity." Prices for wind and particularly solar PV power continue to fall.

The Conversation reported that "Big firms voice lack of faith in ‘cumbersome’ and ‘impractical’ Emissions Reduction Fund", while Environment Minister Melissa Price wanted to continue with it.

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